Become A Work From Home Dispatcher With Direct Hire

We Will Hire You Directly With Our Logistics Company Once Your Complete Our Course


What you’ll learn

  • How to find carriers.
  • How to communicate with carriers and brokers.
  • How to find the best paying loads for carriers.
  • How to create your own profitable dispatch company.

Course Content

  • Introduction –> 1 lecture • 14min.
  • What is an Authority? –> 1 lecture • 8min.
  • Trucks and Trailers 101 –> 1 lecture • 20min.
  • Accessorials –> 1 lecture • 16min.
  • Driving Hours and Electronic Logging Devices –> 1 lecture • 13min.
  • How To Use Loadboards To Find Freight Part #1 DAT –> 1 lecture • 40min.
  • How To Use Loadboards To FInd Freight Part #2 Truckstop –> 1 lecture • 34min.
  • TWIC Cards –> 1 lecture • 9min.
  • Hazmat Loads –> 1 lecture • 8min.
  • Oversized Loads and Permits –> 1 lecture • 14min.
  • Carrier Setup Packets –> 1 lecture • 4min.
  • Rate Confirmations –> 1 lecture • 28min.
  • BOL’s and POD’s –> 1 lecture • 10min.
  • Additional Charges (Detention, Layover, Tonu) –> 1 lecture • 14min.
  • Invoicing and Factoring Companies –> 1 lecture • 14min.
  • Starting Your Own Dispatch Company –> 1 lecture • 29min.

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Do you have a desire to get into the Logistics Industry but unsure what to do or where to start? Look no further! My name is Kimberly and I’ve been in this Industry going on 12+ years now. I would love the opportunity to help you out on your journey.


So let’s talk about it… for the past few years now, it seems like everyone is selling either a Dispatch Course or a Broker Course (Some which have absolutely no business doing so honestly!) Some of these courses, while they do give perhaps some useful information, don’t necessarily give you enough to actually venture forward and start a career in Logistics! That’s when I decided to offer individuals looking for direction, an opportunity that I wish had been available to me when I started. A Logistics Company that would not only teach me the industry… but would provide me with an opportunity to work for them and gain hands on experience! Hence, I created Nextlevel Logistics USA.


Nextlevel Logistics USA was founded in 2020. We have successfully taught over 300+ students that have gone on to either create there own Logistics Companies, or have made a permanent with us as a Broker Agent or Dispatch Agent. Our Dispatch Division currently has 50+ Dispatchers that Dispatch our Contracted Carriers and our Brokerage Division currently has around 20 – 30 agents that Broker loads using our In – House Direct Shippers, while they grow their own Book of Business.


Our process is simple. Once you complete one of our courses and pass they final exam with a score of 85% or higher. You will submit your certificate of completion to our Admin Department and they will walk you through our onboarding process for Direct Hire. Their contact information is included inside of the course.


The regular cost of our courses is $499. However, because you have found us on Udemy, we are offering a promotional price of $49.99 to the first 20 students that purchase our course from this platform. All that we ask in exchange for the discount, is that you leave a positive, honest, review of the course on Udemy to help us with the algorithm so that more people are able to find us ?. If you have additional questions of our course or our Direct Hire Program you may reach us at 1-800-616-5250. Ext (2). We look forward to working with you in the near future should you deem us a good fit for your needs. Have a great day!

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