Blockchain Simplified

Get expert level understanding of blockchain even if you are a non-technical person. Under 1 hour to master it.

This course started as a short 60 minutes course to master blockchain for our team.

What you’ll learn

  • Understand what blockchain is.
  • Understand step by step the various concepts behind it.
  • Understand why it will impact all aspects of life as we know it..
  • Able to have a business conversation around blockchain.

Course Content

  • Blockchain Simplified –> 9 lectures • 45min.

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  • None – this course is for people even without any technical background.

This course started as a short 60 minutes course to master blockchain for our team.

Then we showed it to some of our friends, and many came back saying how much it had helped them understand the topic.

It does not matter if you believe in or like or dislike blockchain; here is why:

Humanity has never gone back on a technology invented. No one will use pigeons instead of email or a Zoom call.

Blockchain is such a technology that will influence all areas of life.

There is no going back – it is only developing even more and entering all areas of our lives.

Understanding blockchain can be confusing because it is a complex concept built on top of many other ideas.

In this course, primarily designed for our staff to master the topic, the concept is broken down into its components and then built up step by step. Even a 10-year-old can understand it easily in under one hour.


Chapters include:

  • Blockchain Simplified: Introduction
  • Caesar’s secrets
  • War and Peace – Secure communication
  • Locks only I can open
  • Hashed potatoes
  • You can’t touch this
  • Speed and Trust
  • Blockchain – The revolutionary concept
  • Blockchain Revolution


I hope this course helps you to have a great understanding of the revolutionary new technology and assist you in the years to come!

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