Business Etiquette – The Polished Professional

Master the skills of business etiquette to become a poised and refined professional

Business Etiquette – The Polished Professional

What you’ll learn

  • Cultivate a strong personal brand that aligns with your career goals.
  • How to make a great first impression.
  • Understand why eye contact is important.
  • Learn the difference between etiquette and manners.
  • Remember people’s names with ease.
  • Why you need a 5-second elevator statement.
  • Learn the proper way to present and receive business cards.
  • Improve your handshake.
  • Deal with international customers and colleagues with respect.
  • Have the best small talk in the room.
  • Ways to put people at ease.
  • Introduce yourself in a memorable way to make a lasting impression.
  • Much much more.

Course Content

  • Welcome –> 4 lectures • 8min.
  • Business Etiquette and Manners –> 16 lectures • 52min.
  • Remaining a Polished Professional –> 1 lecture • 2min.

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Business Etiquette – The Polished Professional

Master the skills of business etiquette to become a poised and refined professional, build your confidence change your life.

Mastering business etiquette is a life-changing skill that will ensure you build strong, lasting relationships throughout your career. Making a good first impression counts, and this course will teach you to carry yourself confidently and professionally. In today’s competitive business world, mastering the subtleties of professional behaviour is a crucial skill that can set you apart and open doors to new opportunities.


Do you find yourself instantly forgetting people’s names once you’ve met them? Maybe you feel like you give the world’s worst handshakes, or you feel much more comfortable in personal rather than professional settings? In this quick-fire, actionable course from world-leading etiquette expert, Philip Sykes shares skills and techniques to give everyone tools and confidence that can be put into practice straight away.


This course is designed to be quick-fire, simple to understand, and suitable for all industries. Philip breaks down the complexities of human communication into bitesize chunks to elevate your professional presence and enhance your career trajectory. Learn the crucial skills that make a Polished Professional – like making great first impressions, confident introductions, and effective small talk. Enhance your networking game with memorable 5-second elevator statements, and gain insights into dealing with international customers while maintaining your Polished Professional demeanour.


This course is designed for professionals at all levels who aspire to refine their people skills, be both polite and confident, and navigate every business interaction with ease. Whether you’re an experienced executive, a manager running a team, or an aspiring entrepreneur, this course provides practical insights and actionable strategies to excel. By the time you finish this course, etiquette won’t just be a new skill that you’ve learned, it will be part of a new way of life for you. Remember, you are always just one person away from an opportunity that could change your life – this course is here to help you open those doors and achieve your goals.


Philip Sykes has extensive experience and knowledge of how to conduct yourself well in different cultures across the globe. He is the Founder and Principal of The British School of Excellence, the only etiquette training provider in the world to be accredited by four internationally recognised organisations. He brings his outstanding interpersonal and motivational skills to every course he runs and effortlessly puts people at ease with his charismatic approach. He’s provided training and coaching across the world to some of the best-known individuals and companies.


The course overview includes:

  • Tools to put people at ease
  • Create a good, and lasting, first impression
  • Gain an understanding of the history of etiquette
  • Techniques to help you remember people’s names
  • Find it easy to communicate in a respectful manner with international customers
  • Learn how to handshake properly
  • Implement a 5-second elevator statement that will make you unforgettable
  • Easily make small talk at networking events
  • Understand how to politely give and receive business cards
  • Discover the importance of eye contact
  • And much much more

If you are ready to learn practical new skills and take your career and life to the next level, this course is for you!

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