Creating and Selling Spreadsheets: Making Digital Products

A practical approach to turn your Google Sheets into digital products people want to buy

Selling Spreadsheets is a new course from Better Sheets to equip you with the skills and knowledge you need to sell your Google Sheets. Create digital products that people actually want to buy because they solve their problems, pronto.

What you’ll learn

  • Transform Google Sheets into Marketable Products: Gain the ability to craft your own Google Sheets into sellable products that provide real-world solutions.
  • Effective Sales Page Writing: Learn how to write compelling sales pages to effectively convert readers into buyers..
  • Craft Solutions from Spreadsheets: Focus on solving problems rather than just selling digital products..
  • Strategic Marketing Skills: Acquire marketing skills to find and attract users who are ready to purchase your spreadsheet products..
  • Spreadsheet Product Development: Understand how to create digital products using Google Sheets that are desirable because they solve specific problems promptly.
  • Creation of Lead Magnets and Freebies: Learn how to create compelling lead magnets and free versions of your products to attract potential customers.
  • Intellectual Property Protection: Learn strategies to reduce the risk of others stealing and selling your spreadsheet ideas..
  • Eliminate Need for External Product Designers: Discover how to use Google Sheets to its full potential, thereby removing the need to hire product designers..
  • Proven Strategies for Selling Digital Products: Receive guidance on proven strategies and techniques for creating, marketing, and selling digital products.
  • Target Audience Identification and Engagement: Learn how to identify and connect with your target audience..
  • Spreadsheet Automation and Customization: Explore how to implement automation, custom formulas, and functions in Google Sheets to enhance your digital products.
  • Business Idea Validation: By the end of the course, you will be equipped to rapidly validate business ideas.
  • Rapid Product Development: Develop spreadsheet-based products that can quickly generate income..
  • Custom Spreadsheet Design: Master the art of designing spreadsheets that are not only functional but also visually appealing and user-friendly.
  • Pricing Strategy Development: Learn how to set the right price for your spreadsheet products, balancing profitability with market expectations..
  • Marketplace Utilization: Gain insights into selling your spreadsheet products on different marketplaces like Etsy, Gumroad, and AppSumo..

Course Content

  • Introduction –> 1 lecture • 6min.
  • You Are The Sheet –> 7 lectures • 42min.
  • Your Spreadsheet Blueprint –> 7 lectures • 1hr 5min.
  • Spreadsheet Breakdowns –> 4 lectures • 1hr 19min.
  • Spreadsheet Seller Interviews –> 3 lectures • 2hr 41min.

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Selling Spreadsheets is a new course from Better Sheets to equip you with the skills and knowledge you need to sell your Google Sheets. Create digital products that people actually want to buy because they solve their problems, pronto.


Avoid high development costs without having to build customized online multi-user software – Leverage Google Sheets!


Reduce the chance someone steals your sheet and sells it on their own – Protect Your Sheets!


Eliminate the need to hire product designers by using online software businesses already use every day – 2 Billion Users!


Instead of spending countless hours figuring out what works through trial and error, Selling Spreadsheets provides you with proven strategies and techniques for creating, marketing, and selling digital products – That just happen to be spreadsheets.


Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ


What is the main objective of this course?

Learn how to transform everyday spreadsheets into marketable products. Transform spreadsheets you use every day into products you can sell others.
This course covers both the development of sheets, and the marketing of the sheets. Ideally by the end of the course you’ll be able to validate business ideas quickly by building products in Google Sheets. Get something in front of your audience, or into the market quickly and generate income, from your Google Sheets.


Who is the target audience for this course?

This course is primarily for owner/operators of their own business. Freelancers and consultants who are looking to add products to their existing services. Anyone who is looking to start a new online side hustle.


How can I determine if my Google Sheet is profitable?

Only way to determine that is to put it out in the market. I will share with you at least three places I’ve found people have been selling Google Sheets consistently to people who are looking for solutions to their businesses’ problems. And I’ll share with you unique ways to market your sheets, as well as additional revenue opportunities in the spreadsheet space.




Do I need advanced skills in Google Sheets to take this course?

Basic familiarity with Google Sheets is required as the course involves creating and manipulating spreadsheets.


What business skills should I have before taking this course?

Some understanding of basic business concepts, especially in marketing, and sales, will be beneficial.

How will this course help me in creating sellable spreadsheet products?


It provides strategies and techniques for crafting, marketing, and selling digital spreadsheet products, focusing on solving real-world problems. We’ll go from theory to practice quickly. I’ll give you frameworks you can use to sell sheets on your own to any audience you can connect with.


Can this course help me protect my spreadsheet ideas from being stolen?


Yes, it includes strategies to protect your intellectual property and prevent others from reselling your spreadsheet creations. While this is an awful situation, I’ll share with you a few techniques to turn this type of thievery into word-of-mouth marketing.


Is there a need to hire a product designer after taking this course?


This course aims to eliminate the need for a product designer by leveraging widely-used tools like Google Sheets. You will be able to put in a few hours of work once building a marketable spreadsheet, and then sell that spreadsheet many times over.


What kind of support is available during the course?


This course is a video on demand course. You’ll have full access to all the videos. If you do wish to get more clarification on any materials or ask any additional questions you can email me any time.


Are there any prerequisites for enrolling in this course?


Basic skills in Google Sheets, business acumen, problem-solving mindset, communication skills, access to a Google account, and a willingness to learn are the prerequisites.


How will this course improve my marketing and sales skills for digital products?


It covers writing effective sales pages, understanding customer psychology, and using proven marketing strategies to promote digital products. Those digital products just happen to be spreadsheets. The best part of marketing your sheets is you get to help others overcome struggles you’ve gone through yourself. It becomes a blessing, not a burden, to do marketing.


What kind of digital products can I create with Google Sheets after this course?


You can create a wide range of products like templates, custom formulas, add-ons, and more. Focusing on solving specific problems with any of the features afforded us in Google Sheets becomes a fun game of whack-a-mole.


Will this course cover automation in Google Sheets?


In theory. This course will include ideas and theories about creating custom scripts, aand using automation tools available in Google Sheets. You don’t need to have programming experience to use some of this. I’ll also show you how to build dynamic dashboards and create formulas that seem like automation at times.


How long does it take to complete the course, and what is the format?


Details about the duration and format (video lectures, assignments, etc.) will be provided on the course page. At this time I’m aiming to have at least 2 and half hours of lectures along with hours of breakdowns and reviews of existing spreadsheets for sale.


Can I get real-world examples or case studies in this course?


The course includes practical examples and case studies to illustrate the process of creating and selling spreadsheets.


What are the potential income opportunities after completing this course?


The course will guide you through various strategies to monetize your spreadsheet skills, including direct sales, consulting, and more. Exact estimates of how much you can make range from $0 (yes zero) to thousands of dollars a month. In my experience I’ve gotten very passive income in the hundreds of dollars across a year. And I’ve been able to make substantially more when I take active action consistently on marketing and selling spreadsheets.

I’ll share with you you secrets to consistently making sales such as email marketing and updating your sheets year to year.


How does this course help in identifying marketable spreadsheet ideas?


It teaches how to spot problems that can be solved with spreadsheets and how to tailor solutions to market needs.


Is there guidance on pricing strategies for selling spreadsheets?


Yes, the course covers different pricing models and strategies to balance profitability with market expectations.


What are the unique marketing strategies covered in this course for spreadsheet products?


I’d like to call myself somewhat of an expert at selling spreadsheets, but the secret reality is that spreadsheets aren’t sold, they are bought. Coming from this insight I hope to brin you new marketing strategies you might never have thought of before. Such as making a course on udemy (and even selling it) so that people discover your spreadsheet solution where they have a problem.


If you can accept that single truth, then go and run with it. The world is your oyster!


The course does go into marketplace marketing, building an email list, creating compelling sales pages, and more but not too deeply so that we can cover a wide range of strategies and tactics.


Can I learn to make my spreadsheets more user-friendly and visually appealing in this course?


The course includes techniques for enhancing the usability and design of your spreadsheets, making them more attractive to potential buyers.


What post-course support or resources are available for students?


Students can email me anytime!


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