How to Become Freelancing Authority Crash Course in 40-Min

Learn Formula, Strategies and Essentials for Confidently Selling Your Results (not services) to High Paying Clients

Many freelancers and experts are confused about how they can make at least a $1K per month?

What you’ll learn

  • What really matters to charge more than $1K for selling freelancing services.
  • Differences between selling service vs result / outcome.
  • Examples regarding selling to the right audience.
  • Solution regarding niche-defining problem as a beginner (or even as an expert)).
  • And so much more gems packed inside this crash course….

Course Content

  • Introduction –> 15 lectures • 35min.

How to Become Freelancing Authority Crash Course in 40-Min


  • Good Headphone to Listen with Focus.
  • Good in listening, hearing and understanding English from Pakistani.
  • Keen to learn how to earn more than $1K/mo as a freelancer.
  • Desire to reach from making $1 to $100K achievement as a high ticket freelancer.

Many freelancers and experts are confused about how they can make at least a $1K per month?

Many freelancers, despite their many years of experience and expertise, demand very little money from their clients in return for their skills, but provide their best results for giving so much value and benefits to the client while the clients are taking unfair advantage of the experienced freelancers because falling under victim worker mindset, many freelancers feel like working under clients rather considering themselves as independent freelance business services provider.

Therefore, after my 18 years of freelancing experiences as well as my deep observation, experiments and monitoring of many fraudsters on social media platforms, specially Facebook groups and proclaimed gurus, I have tried to close the sea in a jar within 40-minutes video to heal, transform and shift your mindset.

So that you can start feeling confident, better, happy and see the world of selling your services from a very different perspective and improve yourself to step into the arena of freelancing with confidence and courage.

This is your time to kick start your tires and learn to start selling your freelancing service at high prices with confidence instead of selling cheap, as a freelancer with authority.

I hope you enjoy this crash course and by the grace of God and I trust that you will be very successful in your freelancing career by conquering your fears, limiting beliefs, insecurities and smash away cheap clients out of your path.

Welcome to the world of high ticket freelancing for learning how did I earn more than $1K per month as a freelancer and if you put your efforts then one day you should also be able to make your $1K a month.

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