Elementor for Beginners: Design a Digital Downloads Business

Learn Elementor by Building Your Own Digital Downloads website!

Would you like to build a website where you can upload your reusable templates and allow other creatives in your industry to download them if they want to use them?

What you’ll learn

  • You will have understood how to work with Elementor sections, columns, typography, media content, breakpoints, alignment, forms, and custom CSS.
  • You will be able to create more effective digital marketing campaigns for your online business because you will be able to make effective landing pages.
  • You will have gained 21st-century skills that you can use to earn passive income designing and selling Elementor landing page templates on digital marketplaces.
  • You will be able to build you own online businesses in the future instead of paying expensive developers to do it for you.

Course Content

  • Make a Digital Downloads Website with Elementor –> 33 lectures • 4hr 12min.

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Would you like to build a website where you can upload your reusable templates and allow other creatives in your industry to download them if they want to use them?

If you’ve downloaded a graphic design template from a platform like Freepik, Creative Market, or Graphic River, then you know what types of digital products I mean.

In this class, you’re about to learn how to set up this type of digital downloads system with the free Elementor plugin and other free tools, WITHOUT CODING.

With this download system, you will be able to upload and share (or even sell) the following examples of digital assets on your website:

  • Graphic design templates e.g., Logos, flyers, posters (In .psd, .ai, .pdf formats etc)
  • Stock photos
  • MS Office templates e.g., Powerpoint presentation templates, proposal templates, business plan templates, etc
  • Instrumentals and audio files e.g., samples, sound effects
  • 3D models and other assets e.g., Unreal Engine templates, Blender templates, etc
  • e-Books, e-publications, etc
  • UI/UX templates e.g., Figma, Sketch templates, and,
  • Any other downloadable assets that can be reused by other professionals in your industry

If you’d like to learn how to design such a website, perfect! I prepared this class just for you.


Who is this class for? Any prerequisites?

No prerequisites are needed to take this class.

Because this class was designed to accommodate anyone who wants to build this type of website as they learn WordPress, we will start from the very basics. The fundamentals.

So, from the onset, my assumption is that “YOU’VE NEVER USED WORDPRESS BEFORE”.

This bottom-up approach will help you get up to speed on what WordPress is before you actually use it to build your website.

You will not only understand why this type of system works…but also gain the knowledge you need to continue managing your digital downloads website with more confidence even after the class is over.


What will we cover?

Since we’ll begin from the basics, we’ll be looking at basics topics like what’s a CMS, what’s WordPress, what’s a WordPress theme, what’s a WordPress plugin, how to install them, and other vital parts of a CMS that you need to know about as a WordPress beginner.

After that, we’ll dive in and build the actual website as I explain how everything is all connected.


Am already an experienced WordPress user…Where should I start?

If you’re already familiar with WordPress, you can skip straight to lesson no. 12, where we start building the website.

And now…with that quick intro, are you ready to get started?

Let’s start building something awesome, NOW!

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