Learn Photoshop AI with Interesting Projects

Explore Fun in Photo Editing with Photoshop AI || Change Clothes , Background , Jewellery , Make Fantasy Environment !!

Combine your Creativity with Photoshop AI and be an Expert in Photo Editing , Photo Compositing with Photoshop AI

What you’ll learn

  • You will get to know how Photoshop AI helps in Photo Editing and Photo Compositing.
  • You will Learn removing objects from images , adding objects to images and replacing objects seamlessly.
  • You will Learn Removing / Changing Backgrounds from Images.
  • You will Learn Changing Tshirt , changing Dress , adding Sunglass , necklace , bracelet etc.
  • You will Learn creating Fantasy Images.
  • You will Learn creating Scenery in Photoshop within few minutes.
  • You will Learning How to do Photo Compositing , Photo Editing very easily in Photoshop using AI.
  • You will Learn Changing Environment of any object / person / animal / anyone / anything.

Course Content

  • Introduction –> 3 lectures • 10min.
  • Basics –> 7 lectures • 37min.
  • Advanced Projects –> 7 lectures • 1hr 33min.

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Combine your Creativity with Photoshop AI and be an Expert in Photo Editing , Photo Compositing with Photoshop AI

Starting from removing objects to Adding Objects / Replacing Objects to Changing Background , Adding Sunglass , Changing Clothes to complete Makeover , Photoshop AI has made it simple and fun

Not only that, Using Photoshop AI , you can create and change environment , create your own Fantasy Image , create Scenery within few minutes out of nowhere

Here we are going to do Some really Interesting Projects step by step where we will implement all the things mentioned above and with that we will also see many tips , tricks and techniques which will help you boost your skill .

Following are the projects that we will do in this Course :

Project 1 – Here we will learn removing anything from images seamlessly

Project 2 – Here we will see how to remove something and replace that area with something

Project 3 –  Cute baby catching turtle project , where a cute baby was trying to catch sand , but we put turtle on Sand

Project 4 – Removing and Changing Background ( 2 Projects )

Project 5 – Changing Tshirt

Project 6 – Adding Sunglass (Complete Makeover)

Project 7 – Expanding Canvas size seamlessly according to image (empty space filling)

Project 8 – A combined project of Changing Dress , Conversion of Hat to hair (1), Changing hat (2) , Adding Necklace

Project 9 – A combined Project of Adding Tattoo , Red Sweater , Hat on head

Project 10 – Photo Composite – Putting a lion outside cage to a roadside with fields , mountains in the distant  and playing with adjustment layer to give it a feel

Project 11 – Photo Editing Project – Removing sunglass , expanding canvas , adding smoky background , adding bracelet

Project 12 – Fantasy image in few minutes

Project 13 – Creating Scenery in Few minutes

Project 14 – Birthday Bash of a cute baby


After Completing this course , you will feel the power of AI in Photoshop and you can realize how Photoshop AI can help you in your daily Projects working in Photo Editing or Photo Compositing

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