NanoCAD the complete course

NanoCAD free version 5 create 2D drawings


What you’ll learn

  • Understand dashboard.
  • Master navigation.
  • Edit parameters.
  • Use grid.
  • Master snapping.
  • Master selections.
  • Understand layers.
  • Create blocks.
  • Create lines.
  • Create rectangles.
  • Create polygons.
  • Create circles.
  • Create arcs.
  • Create curves.
  • Create moves.
  • Create rotations.
  • Create offsets.
  • Create adjustments.
  • Add text.
  • Add dimensions.
  • Edit pages.
  • Introduce model on pages.

Course Content

  • Introduction –> 1 lecture • 3min.
  • Start with Nanocad –> 3 lectures • 23min.
  • Master selections –> 2 lectures • 9min.
  • Work with grid –> 2 lectures • 12min.
  • Create drawings –> 12 lectures • 1hr 11min.
  • Edit drawings –> 16 lectures • 1hr 36min.
  • Add dimensions –> 2 lectures • 18min.
  • Add text –> 1 lecture • 7min.
  • Add hatches –> 1 lecture • 6min.
  • Master layers –> 2 lectures • 17min.
  • Create blocks –> 2 lectures • 13min.
  • Import image –> 1 lecture • 4min.
  • Master pages –> 2 lectures • 21min.
  • Training create parts –> 4 lectures • 45min.
  • Training create floor plan –> 6 lectures • 40min.

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NanoCAD version 5 is a CAD software that is free. It allows you to create 2D drawings, such as plans or technical sections. Many features make it possible to work efficiently on 2D drawings. It is possible to create technical drawings, plans and different projects. It is possible to add dimensions and colors. Then, this work is presented on a page. It can also be printed. If you need a free software to work with CAD, then this software will be suitable. Work with layers, create blocks, draw objects, edit objects, add dimensions.


The free version NanoCAD 5

NanoCAD version 5 is free. It is an old version of Nanocad which focuses on 2D drawing. It allows to create the first step in the design process. This step consists of creating a drawing. This version is free, but complete for individuals in the creation of their projects. NanoCAD version 5 has all the features to create, edit and print 2D drawings with an ergonomic interface and many tools. You will be able to create and modify 2D drawings. You will be able to work with layers, blocks and properties.


Training course

In this training, you will learn how to use NanoCAD version 5 software to create your design projects. Getting started with the dashboard and navigation. You will see how to use the design tools with concrete examples. You will learn how to use features to edit designs. You will see how to use layers and create blocks. Use the grid and master and master features. You will see how to present your drawings on pages. At the end of the course, exercises will allow you to apply the features seen in the course.

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