Learn React from Scratch with Create React App (2022)

Learn React from Scratch with Create-React-App! Work with React Elements, Components, States, API’s, Routers & Testing.

Hey guys, welcome. Thank you for choosing “Learn React from Scratch with Create React App” Course.

What you’ll learn

  • Setup Proper Development Environment for React.
  • Install & Set-up React Apps with Create React App.
  • Create & Manage React Elements.
  • ReFactor React Elements with JSX (JavaScript as XML).
  • Create & Manage React Components.
  • Setup and Manage React Properties for Every Component.
  • Create and Manage Lists with Keys in React Components.
  • Display Images Dynamically with React.
  • Manage & Work with Fragments.
  • Make use of Conditional Rendering.
  • Make use of Arrays & Objects within React.
  • DeStructure Arrays & Objects.
  • Use React Hooks like useState, useEffect & useReducer.
  • Fetch & Display Data with API’s Dynamically in React.
  • Create and Run Tests on React Components.
  • Work with JEST and React Testing Library.
  • Test React Hooks with React Testing Library.
  • Install, Setup & Configure React Routers.
  • InCorperate Links within React with React Routers.

Course Content

  • Introduction –> 2 lectures • 1min.
  • What is React –> 3 lectures • 4min.
  • React Elements –> 4 lectures • 15min.
  • Components in React –> 7 lectures • 31min.
  • State in React –> 5 lectures • 28min.
  • React Asynchronous –> 3 lectures • 14min.
  • Testing in React –> 4 lectures • 16min.
  • Working with React Routers –> 3 lectures • 15min.

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Hey guys, welcome. Thank you for choosing “Learn React from Scratch with Create React App” Course.

Before you can even get started, the first thing i would like to say to you is that, you have made the right choice by choosing “Learn React from Scratch with Create React App” Course.

React is now the most popular JavaScript library available right now. React’s entire purpose is to help you build interactive User Interfaces.

Without React, building User Interfaces was kind of a hassle, and React made the process as simple and easy as piece of cake.

React Library or React JS was first developed at Facebook, and in March 2013 React was made open source. Since then React is now extended as React Native.

React Native is a tool which you can use it to build mobile applications.

Best thing about React is that it’s Component based, what i really like about React and am pretty sure that you will love it too is its error reporting methods.

I mean, if you run into an error, React gives you a full clean direct approach on how to resolve that error. That’s just like a dream coming true for a developer.

Okay, let me tell you something very important, Companies use React not because its popular. Its because of the productivity and ease of use.

React has already been dominating the industry, its time for you too to start learning about React and start implementing it in your regular projects, and trust me, you will love it.

Final part is that since its very popular and can be used for building user interfaces, many companies include React as a priority in their job description, and of-course the pay is pretty good too.

I have built this course for you to have a clear understanding  on how React works. In other words this is a Fundamentals course for any beginner to get started with React.

Before you can get started, you need to have some basic skills in

  • CSS, CSS3
  • JavaScript
  • ECMA Script 6+

Although its not mandatory, it would be great if you have some basic knowledge.

Throughout the course, you will be learning about.

  • React Development Tools
  • React Elements
  • JSX or JavaScript as XML
  • React Components
  • Work with Props
  • React Keys & Fragments
  • useState, useEffect & useReducer
  • Fetch Data with Hooks
  • Handling Load States
  • Testing Framework JEST
  • React Testing Library
  • React Routers

I hope you will enjoy the course. If you do have any queries or question you can always reach me via Q and A Section, or Udemy’s Direct message.

All the best, Hope you enjoy the course.



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