Excel Financial Modeling Plus Excel Business Modeling Bundle

Excel Financial Modeling Plus Excel Business Modeling Bundle would allow you walk into Dream Job and Become a Champion

MS Excel Financial Modeling Plus Excel Business Modeling Bundle would allow you walk into Dream Job and Become a Champion

What you’ll learn

  • Master Microsoft Excel and its many powerful features.
  • Become one of the best Excel users on your team.
  • Get routine tasks faster than ever.
  • Generate P&L report from raw data retrieval.
  • Get financial modeling skills.
  • Get Business modeling skills.
  • Create Business models with multiple scenarios.
  • Design professional, good-looking advanced diagrams.
  • Become a skilled user who can work with Excel functions, summary tables, previews, and advanced features.
  • Learn to Create Automated Business Models for Data Analysis Including EMI management , Loan Amortization , NPV , IRR , Dashboard Reporting , Accounting System.

Course Content

  • Excel Business and FInancial Modeling Course –> 26 lectures • 3hr 9min.

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  • Basic Computer Knowledge.

MS Excel Financial Modeling Plus Excel Business Modeling Bundle would allow you walk into Dream Job and Become a Champion

Learn the ins and outs of MS Excel Financial Modeling from someone who has gone down the same path. Overcome the learning curve and stand out from your peers with this course today.


Comprehensive Guide to MS Excel Financial Modeling in Excel:


Become an MS Excel Financial Modeling Expert

Learn how to build a solid financial model

Gain an in-depth understanding of the business valuation mechanism

Learn how to create professionally formatted files

Demonstrate excellent Excel skills at work

Be prepared from day one when you enter investment banking, financial advisory, corporate finance or consulting


What we offer:


Well-designed and easy-to-understand material

Detailed explanation with understandable case based on real situation

Download course materials

Regular course updates

Professional chart examples that are 1:1 in line with major banks and consulting firms.

Real life example step by step


By completing this course you will:


Comfortable working with MS Microsoft Excel and its many advanced functions

Become one of the best Excel users on your team

It becomes much faster when you do ordinary tasks

To be able to generate P&L reports by extracting raw data

To be able to make a cash flow statement

Know how to value a company

Able to build an assessment model from scratch

Know how to build a model with multiple scenarios

Learn how to create professional, good-looking advanced graphics

Acquire knowledge of Excel: You will learn about extended functions, overview tables, visualizations, and Excel functions


About the course:


Udemy’s 30-day unconditional money-back guarantee – because we believe in the quality of our content

No substantial prior knowledge is required to understand the course and use its content properly.

Unlimited access to all course materials

Emphasis on learning by doing

You can contact us at any time for clarification for free

Our goal is to take your Microsoft Excel and financial modeling skills to the next level

Make an investment that pays off in career prospects, positive feedback, and personal growth.


This course is suitable for graduates who wish to become investment bankers, as it contains a well-structured DCF model and goes through the theoretical concepts behind it. In addition, you will become more confident in handling day-to-day tasks and will have an advantage when the company has to decide whether to hire you on a full time basis.


Individuals with basic Excel skills who pass the course will improve their Excel skills dramatically.

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Sageline 50 course review

“Yes, course is exactly what was looking for. I would like to see journal entries for car depreciation, purchase of cars etc… Plus after doing first year accounts, how to do roll over for next year. Learned quite a few short cuts. Thanks.” – Meera Patel

“Easy to follow, feels like a Pro already” – Kath Munyua

“This is a very Amazing course in Excel. In this course you learn how to use excel basic to advance program, formulas, etc. this is very helpful for beginners.” Ahsanpervaiz


Advance Excel Course Reviews

“Thanks ,You for everything.I have thoroughly enjoyed this course. The course is great and the concepts are easy to understand” – Qudsia Ali Manzar

“its just an amazing course for all the people who want to be an Excel expert in their offices. I have learnt so many new things and i will help my staff with my knowledge and I will definitely recommend this to many others. Thank you for bringing a lot of changes in my life. love this. Lock-down helped me a lot to learn this faster. Now i want the lock down to be lifted at the earliest to go to my office with this new learning experience.” Asif M Pathan


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Excel Business and Financial Modeling Course Review

“ Best course to go for……..if you really want a zero to advance level course. everything was explained soo nicely that i got all the things in one go. Thank You.– Ratnesh

This course is highly recommended for anyone who wants to learn excel from the very basics to the most advanced level. The instructor has a very strong grip and deep experience about MS excel. It was a wonderful experience and that God that I have life time access to this course. I will surely keep watching the videos again and again and practice more and more to make my learning more useful for me in my job. Thank you Sir Saad “- Ziyad Khan


Please register for this course today! Those who did not acquire these skills are now missing out on the opportunity to gain an advantage over other candidates. Don’t risk your future success! Let’s start this amazing journey now!



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