Manufacturing Sustainability A to Z | with ODOO Systems AI

Production Schedule;measure effectiveness;PLM‎;Quality ChecksEquipment Maintenance;calculate manufacturing cost‎s ‎

Manufacturing Efficiency and Sustainability  How To Measure and Improve Production

What you’ll learn

  • The Manufacturing Process: ‎Steps & Types.
  • measure the effectiveness and ‎performance of manufacturing ‎processes.
  • Product Lifecycle Management ‎‎(PLM) ‎.
  • How To Ensure Proper ‎Maintenance Of Your ‎Manufacturing Equipment.
  • Understanding Manufacturing ‎Production and Its Different ‎Types.
  • How to Manage Scrap Orders ‎Using Odoo 16 Manufacturing.
  • Sell a Set of Products As a Kit With ‎Odoo 16 Manufacturing.
  • How to calculate manufacturing ‎cost Odoo 16‎.
  • Average Cost Method for ‎Inventory Management and ‎Accounting.
  • Why is standard costing so important ‎for profitability? Why so ‎misunderstood?‎.
  • FIFO: What the First In, First Out ‎Method Is and How to Use It.
  • Manufacturing Efficiency: How To ‎Measure and Improve Production.
  • What is Manufacturing Lead ‎Time? It’s Easier Than You Think!‎.
  • Stock replenishment strategies in store operations.
  • Manufacturing Costs: Significance, Types, and Cost Calculation.
  • Manufacturing Components that Will Revolutionize Your Next Project.

Course Content

  • Manufacturing Basics_Odoo 16 MRP –> 5 lectures • 48min.
  • Manufacturing Production ‎_Odoo 16 MRP –> 3 lectures • 29min.
  • Manufacturing costs ‎‎_Odoo 16 MRP –> 4 lectures • 43min.
  • Manufacturing Efficiency _ Odoo MRP –> 6 lectures • 1hr 4min.

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Manufacturing Efficiency and Sustainability  How To Measure and Improve Production

It doesn’t matter what industry you work in or what types of finished products or goods you produce: you always want to maximize your efficiency in a manufacturing setting. But finding the areas that can help you increase your efficiency isn’t always easy, especially if you think you’re already working at your highest level of efficiency.

The truth is that there is room for improvement in every factory. This course will help you understand everything you need to know about improving manufacturing efficiency. and the seven steps you can take today to improve your manufacturing process and meet your output goals.

The course will answer the following:

How To Improve Manufacturing Efficiency in 7 Steps

1) Invest in Technology and Automation

2) Reduce the Volume of Materials You’re Wasting

3) Consider Implementing Lean Manufacturing Techniques

4) Provide Quality Training to Team Members

5) Organize Your Manufacturing Factory Workspace

6) Standardize Even Simple Tasks

7) Motivate and Engage Your Team Members

Stages for Improving Manufacturing Cycle EfficiencyManufacturing cycle efficiency begins far before a widget is produced, and continues after production as well.

It’s important for companies to take into consideration all elements of this timeline in order to provide a product that ensures a competitive cycle time.

Manufacturing Systems I

Learn about manufacturing systems and ways to analyze them in terms of material flow and storage, information flow, capacities, and times and durations of events, especially random events.

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