7 Day Meditation Camp for Stress and Anxiety Relief

7 EASY Meditation techniques to reduce your stress and anxiety FAST

Welcome to this Meditation course focused on Stress and Anxiety Relief.

What you’ll learn

  • You will reduce your stress and anxiety easily.
  • You will learn 7 Meditation techniques focused on stress and anxiety relief.
  • You will learn new tools to develop self-awareness and resilience.
  • You will calm down your thoughts and reduce overthinking.
  • You will learn meditation as a healthy and sustainable way to manage emotions.

Course Content

  • 7 Day Meditation Camp for Stress and Anxiety Relief –> 10 lectures • 1hr 24min.

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Welcome to this Meditation course focused on Stress and Anxiety Relief.


My name is Angelo and I am your instructor for this course.

I have been practicing meditation for 7 years and delivering Stress Management training programs to more than 3000 people in China (and counting). Meditation techniques are a big part of my programs.


In this course, you will find 7 EASY AND PRACTICAL meditation techniques you can learn and use anytime anywhere

+ My Original Meditation Music created for this program, so you can download it and use it to practice!


If you are experiencing 1 or more of the following situations, this course is for you:

1- Experiencing high levels of stress, anxiety, or depression

2- Cannot sleep well, insomnia, or too much sleep.

3- Wake up with low energy and low motivation

4- Emotional and easy to get mad

5- Cannot control your anger

6- Overthinking and overwhelmed by your thoughts

7- Thinking too much in the past or in the future but not in the present time


5 Key benefits of this meditation course:

1- You will relieve stress and reduce anxiety by the practice of meditation

2- You will learn 7 meditation techniques that you can use and practice anytime anywhere

3- You will find inner peace

4- You will reduce overthinking and start to master your mind

5- You will fall in love with the meditation practice and the handsome instructor 🙂


Stress, Anxiety, and Depression are just the result of deeper roots that we need to work on daily.

The same as a professional and successful pianist needs to practice every day,  the same for us, we can practice meditation to control our thoughts and emotions.

Meditation is one beautiful and simple way to reconnect with our PEACE AND POWER.


Relax and Learn now 🙂



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