Double Sword Trick 5 in Krabikrabong Thai by Chanuphon

Double Sword or Twin Sword for fighting defense and counter by assistant in Krabikrabong level 5 cross sword defend

Receiving the crossed swords For a more powerful attack than normal from longer weapons or weighs more

What you’ll learn

  • Defend by cross swords movement Chang prasannga or cross tusker of elephant and counter attack.
  • Finding the right chance to receive self defense.
  • Using a two-handed sword or double sword in the correct systematic exercise and use in high-performance self-defense.
  • You can practice and learn by yourself at home..
  • training in defense and countermeasures skills that are properly structured according to training principles.
  • Introducing the posture from the basic training posture. How can it actually be used? You will receive an answer at this class..
  • Understanding sword skills How can it actually be used and how much.
  • Training will start From gestures in the basic chapter in order to be able to use it stably and get ready to be able to train at a higher level.
  • learning this focus on practice in a simulation close to reality have a training assistant This makes it easier to understand the defensive distance..

Course Content

  • Introduce class level 5 –> 1 lecture • 2min.
  • Exercise movement –> 1 lecture • 23min.
  • Standing of right leg behind or Hleam kwa –> 10 lectures • 23min.
  • Standing for left leg behind or Hleam say –> 10 lectures • 15min.
  • Combination training –> 1 lecture • 1min.

Auto Draft


Receiving the crossed swords For a more powerful attack than normal from longer weapons or weighs more

training in this course It introduces basic training stances, sword handling, and standby, defense, and counter-arms use. used in training

by pairing up with an assistant in order to understand the introduction of two-handed swordsmanship in actual use both for exercise and self defense You will see that

When the basic posture has been well practiced will be able to understand the practice of this course very well which if not through basic training before will still be able to understand and practice accordingly as well But you may miss some basic details. and cause some understanding of the methods in this course


however training in this course will be the content mentioned protection in basic position is to use a stable point at a distance of 1 creep from the hilt of the sword. and then use the tip of the sword to respond back and exercises in this class It would be the pose of the swordsmanship in the group. in the central region of Thailand


Protected against attacks from above. there is a pick up from outside

and receiving from the inside of the arm

and behavior of the learners Once in the right position, it will be more convenient to continue practicing.

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