How to get Online clients as a Personal Trainer

Start your Online Fitness Business

This challenge is a step by step guide for personal trainers that want to get online clients.

What you’ll learn

  • How to craft a Good Offer.
  • How to create a Funnel from Scratch.
  • How to use CRM to Manage their Prospects and vove the into Clients.
  • How to run Facebook Ads.

Course Content

  • Create an offer and launch it –> 4 lectures • 1hr 20min.
  • Bonus The 3 Stages to Grow your Coaching Business in 2024 –> 2 lectures • 30min.

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This challenge is a step by step guide for personal trainers that want to get online clients.

We have used this exact process to all of our new launches, in many different niches.

Also, this exact process was used by our students to get their first clients online and then scale using small teams of appointment setters and closers.


The main objective of this training is to show you that moving into online is not hard if you have the proper guidance.


In day 1,  the firs training is more about basic stuff and the preparation for “what’s next to come”.

We will cover basic things about Niche>Offer>Launching and make The Plan

  • Find a Niche
  • Identify a Problem
  • Find the Solution
  • Create a lead magnet using my proven template
  • Create High Ticket Offer $997-$2.997 (fitness B2C)
  • Create the Mid ticket Offer $297 – $497
  • Launch the Lead magnet Funnel


Day 2 is all about action. We will dive deep into the Niche and Offer.

  • We will talk about Niches that you know and you are passionate about
  • Identify the skill sets which you currently have
  • Identify problems, fears and desires of the niches that you selected
  • We’ll create your program

Day 3 we will launch your funnel using Organic Marketing and Facebook Ads (optional)

  • Organic marketing preparation
  • The Funnel check list
    • Optin page, Confirmation page, Tags, automations, email marketing campaign…
    • Facebook Pixel and Conversion API
    • Store setup and the products to sell




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