Kata vs. MMA – Part 1

Karate in an MMA World

Part 1 – Introduction, foundation and initial examples

What you’ll learn

  • Prepare for the continuing rise of MMA inspired street violence..
  • Use current and new kata/forms skills to counter MMA based street violence..
  • Learn a kata/form that has been considered a complete fighting system from the ancient culture of Okinawa..
  • Exploit a range of fighting that is the least understood in street violence..
  • Utilize knowledge that has been pressure tested by Kyoshi Fusco, his students and law enforcement..
  • Understand your martial arts at a deeper level by functionalizing kata/forms..
  • Engage with skill sets organized through the three goals of combat for seamless application..
  • Develop the skills that will allow you to gain rank in the art of Jiu-Te!.

Course Content

  • Introduction –> 9 lectures • 1hr 4min.

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Part 1 – Introduction, foundation and initial examples

Kyoshi Mark Fusco has found through his research that kata is still viable in a society where violence has been shaped by mixed martial arts. Whether it is the UFC, Bellator or some other fighting promotion, the bad guys are watching. We need skills that can exploit weaknesses in the MMA being taken to the streets.

In kata, Kyoshi Fusco has found viable skills and concepts for today. He even answers whether one kata can be a complete fighting system.

These skills do not require fine motor motions that degrade under stress. Further, they exploit a range of fighting that may be the least used. The techniques work equally well in a sparring situation or self-defense. I should note that the same skills are being used. No need to memorize one set of skills for sparring and another for self-defense. It is all the same, and it comes from an ancient kata!

When teaching, Kyoshi Fusco provides his information with the end in mind. He does not just present techniques. The information is broken into tool sets that support the three goals of combat. You are training from the beginning in the order most likely needed in an altercation.

While an MMA athlete could certainly use these concepts in the ring, Kyoshi Fusco is thinking of what is needed in a street altercation. No matter which way you plan to use the information, these lessons provide great drilling ideas for practice that will help you make the information your own.

Kyoshi Fusco is an 8th degree Black Belt in Okinawan Karate, a 6th degree Black Belt in Fusco Jiu-jitsu, a Full Instructor in Jeet Kune Do, and a 1st degree under Professor Dave Castoldi in Small Circle Jujitsu. His instructors include Black Belt Magazine Hall of Fame members, teachers with direct lineage to Bruce Lee and unsung heroes of the martial arts teaching world.

A graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy, a former Naval Aviator, and a former dojo (academy) owner, Kyoshi Fusco had semi-retired from teaching. Then, he realized that he had a great deal more to give back to the martial arts world he loves.

I know you will enjoy this program, and I encourage you to train in its methods. They will serve you well. Good luck!

– Dr. Luca Fusco, Hanshi

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