Lose Weight Through the #1 Most Powerful Hypnosis Activation

Lose 5-15 lbs in 60 Days with this proved method

Weight holds a woman back from being the fullest expression of herself, I know because I was her!

What you’ll learn

  • Release Weight Through Powerful Hypnosis, Concepts & Journaling.

Course Content

  • Introduction –> 8 lectures • 1hr 19min.

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Weight holds a woman back from being the fullest expression of herself, I know because I was her!


We know what to do.

Simple right. 

Eat less.

Exercise more.

Drink water.

But something inside us keeps us showing up for less than we desire, dropping our standards, giving into cravings.

We feel frustrated and think it’s not in the cards for us. So we start the negotiations in our head. 


Is this you?


In 2017, I set out on my health journey. I exercised and I made consistent healthy changes. I started to see results.

But I couldn’t release those last 15 lbs.


 It was like there was a missing code. A missing piece to break this plateau.

People would tell me tighten up my diet. Abs are made in the kitchen. (btw -this is true)


But I also understood the brain. 

I knew there was some subconscious programming playing in the background. Once I excavated that subconscious piece it started to release. 


I thought it was my habits, what I ate and how I moved my body.

“If I could just up my cardio from 45 minutes to an hour. That might do it.” I thought.

But I could never break the plateau.

Until one day… I was determined to meet my goal.


In this Weight Release Activation, you will receive the knowledge that will work with your subconscious. You will know what it takes for the brain to start this release.

Willpower is finite
There are only so many hours in the day you can do cardio

Those cravings get you every time


Imagine if you…

Felt good in your own skin and empowered in the bedroom

Felt sexy, bold, and activated your sensual side

Felt more confident walking around naked

Showed up fully and authentically yourself

Felt more expansive and free

Felt proud that you were accomplishing this #1 thing that holds you back in taking pictures, showing up online, wearing that dress, going to the pool


This is for the woman who

Wants to speed up the process

Wants to know why she holds on to the weight

Is already doing all the things but the scale won’t move past the plateau

Is tired of holding back because of her weight

Wants to prove to herself she too can have it

Wants to activate her weight release journey

Wants to release those last 10-20 lbs.

May have felt or feels like giving up


In this program you will receive

The most transformative RTT Hypnosis in which we will excavate the root cause and rewrite the story

A Daily Maintenance Hypnosis (30-66 days)

Temple Body Love Cards

Weight Release Journaling Workbook

4 Life Transformational Concepts Audio

Emotions after RTT Hypnosis Audio

Pep Talk During a Craving Audio

Tough Love Audio

Clear Directions on if you start to falter Audio


This is not a “one and done” Activation.


You will still need to be mindful and continue to do what you were doing, but it will be much easier.

You will feel a sense of relief and healing. You won’t have the cravings or desires you had with food.

THIS will ACTIVATE YOUR WEIGHT LOSS BY EXCAVATING THE ROOT CAUSE, change the root cause, and rewire the subconscious mind.


The mind that runs the show 90% of the time. The mind that sabotages you. The mind that runs on habits and autopilot.


I invite you on the journey to see what’s possible for you.

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