Pencak Silat – The Basis of Pencak Harimau

By Y. Ruhian, B. Ordedianus, M. Sani & S. Riyadi

Performed by the Indonesian Masters: Y. Ruhian, B. Ordedianus, M. Sani & S. Riyadi

What you’ll learn

  • Learn the basic techniques of Pencak Silat Harimau.
  • The film was shot in Indonesia with Indonesian masters.
  • Specific warm-up training.
  • Learn breathing techniques.
  • The fighting techniques of the tiger.
  • Get more energy in your body with breathing exercises.

Course Content

  • Einführung –> 14 lectures • 1hr 42min.

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Performed by the Indonesian Masters: Y. Ruhian, B. Ordedianus, M. Sani & S. Riyadi


The first part of that film put forward a typical warming up performed by 4 masters.


In the second part, Yayan Ruhian teaches you the basic breathings that will allow you to develop your energy in your whole body.

A regular practice of those exercises will allow to anyone to get a physical and a spiritual energy.


The third part is dedicated to the acquisition of the Tiger Jurus from the Harimau style which comes from the West Sumatra’s part.

This will enable you to develop some moves inspired by the Tiger.

It will also provide some very efficient answers regarding the self-defense, with the implementation of those exercises in hand to hand combat situations.


You will also study the applications linked to the breathings: breakage of a coconut, hardening your body while several adversary are punching you on different parts of it without any repercussion…


As an encore you will find demonstrations, seminar highlights and Indonesian music.

All filming was done in Indonesia. Learn the secret techniques of Pencak Silat from the best martial artists of this style.

Pencak Silat is the generic term for the traditional martial arts of the Indonesian-Malay archipelago. Translated, the term means “exercises of techniques for self-defense and their application in combat”.

Have fun learning this great martial art.

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