Azure Security Best Practices

Make your Azure environment as secure as possible using up-to-date best practices and services

Make your Azure environment as secure as possible.

What you’ll learn

  • Extensive, practical knowledge about Software Security, from the basics to the advanced.
  • Specific challenges with cloud security.
  • Identity security in the cloud.
  • Network security in the cloud.
  • Storing secrets in the cloud.
  • Securing various cloud services.
  • Utilizing Azure Policy for setting security baseline.
  • Applying this knowledge on a case study.

Course Content

  • Welcome –> 6 lectures • 8min.
  • Basic Security Principles –> 4 lectures • 18min.
  • Security in the Cloud –> 3 lectures • 4min.
  • Identity Security –> 13 lectures • 53min.
  • Network Security –> 7 lectures • 29min.
  • KeyVault –> 2 lectures • 9min.
  • Securing Virtual Machines –> 9 lectures • 26min.
  • Securing App Services –> 7 lectures • 14min.
  • Securing Databases –> 17 lectures • 1hr 31min.
  • Securing Storage Account –> 11 lectures • 43min.
  • Firewalls –> 11 lectures • 1hr 4min.
  • Logging –> 4 lectures • 18min.
  • Defender for Cloud –> 2 lectures • 5min.
  • Azure Policy –> 3 lectures • 10min.
  • Case Study –> 8 lectures • 20min.
  • Conclusion –> 3 lectures • 26min.

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Make your Azure environment as secure as possible.

Working in the cloud poses unique security challenges. The fact that the cloud is accessible through the internet, and that some services are open to the network by default, makes it an attractive target to attackers.

And that means that you have to make sure your cloud environment is secure. Unsecure environment is an easy target for hackers, which can steal your data, crush your servers, and destroy your reputation.

And this is exactly what this course is all about.

In this course we’ll learn everything there’s to learn about security in Azure. We’ll begin from the very basics, the foundations of software security, and go all the way to the most advanced security topics in Azure.

We’ll learn about the security services in Azure and see how, and when, to use them.

We’ll also learn how to set a security baseline in Azure and make sure all the resources follow it.

Here are some of the topics we’ll discuss in this course:

– Basic security principles

– Security challenges in the cloud

– Identity security with Azure AD

– Network security (NSG, Private Endpoints and more)

– KeyVault

– Securing Virtual Machines

– Securing App Services

– Securing Databases

– Firewalls

And lots more.


But that’s not all. I wanted to make this course as practical as possible, and therefore we’re going to have a lot of hands-on work in Azure.

We’re going to deploy virtual machines and configure them for security, we’re going to create KeyVault and store our secrets securely in it, We’re going to connect our database to an app service using Private Endpoint, and lots more.


And to make this course even better – it has the following two additional elements:

1. Case study, where we’re going to begin with a basic, unsecure cloud architecture, and go through all the elements in it and make them secure. You’ll be surprised to see the difference between our starting point and the final architecture.

2. Azure Security Handbook, summarizing what we learn in this course. This downloadable handbook is a great go-to-guide for security in Azure, and it will greatly help you when designing your next cloud architecture (the same way it helps me…)


There is no other course like this! This is the most comprehensive, practical and easy-to-follow course about Azure security. And by the end of this course – you’ll be a real Azure Security Expert!




What do my students have to say about my Azure courses


“This is the best Azure course I have encountered on Udemy or anywhere. And I say this after buying 8 different Udemy Azure before” – Arbaaz

One of the best Azure classes in the world” – Kkvi1357

One of the best courses I’ve done at Udemy – top among maybe 50-100″ – Russ

Memi is a true architect willing to get his hands dirty!” – Kevon

Excellent” – Ashwani

Highly recommended” – Shashank

“I am loving it <3 the best part is the project based learning !” – Juhi

The best course I have taken on Udemy” – Eslam

And lots more…



Who is this course for?


Any person who works with Azure will benefit from this course.

Whether you are a cloud architect, developer or administrator – this course is for you.

And in fact – anyone who’s interested in cloud and security can take this course and benefit from it.

If you’re not sure if this course is for you – drop me a note!



What are the prerequisites for this course?


Some knowledge of Azure and familiarity with the Azure portal is required for this course.

Note: This is not a beginner course in Azure, and I assume you already know how to work with Azure, create resources in it and work with them.



About Me


I’ve been working with Azure for more than 11 years, spanning dozens of customers from various fields – Fortune 100 enterprises, start-ups, govt. entities, defense, telco, banking, and lots more.

In addition, I am a certified Azure Solutions Architect Expert and a certified Azure Security Engineer.

I’ve been in the software industry for more than 20 years, and a Software Architect for more than 17 years, working with a variety of clients.

I’m an avid speaker and trainer, having trained thousands of students in various courses.

I love what I do, and my greatest passion (well, besides my family…) is designing modern, practical, and reliable systems for my clients, using the best possible architecture patterns and services.



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