Ace your tableau knowledge by learning these in-demand latest questions to give a boost to your interview preparations

Preparing for Tableau Interviews or starting your learning path on Tableau? This is the right place to start with.

What you’ll learn

  • This course covers Basic, Intermediate, Advanced & Scenario Based Questions & Interview Tips which are helpful for Tableau Interviews.
  • Learn Data visualization and its Benefits.
  • Learn Tableau Advantages over other tools.
  • Learn about Tableau Products.
  • Learn about Dimensions & Measures.
  • Learn File Extensions of Tableau and FAQs on that.
  • Learn Live & Extract Connection and it’s Advantages & Disadvantages.
  • Tableau Data Types and FAQ.
  • Learn Filters, Order of operation and FAQs.
  • Difference between Workbook, Dashboard, Story & Worksheet.
  • Learn Refresh types.
  • Learn Aggregation & Disaggregation.
  • Learn Parameter.
  • Learn Blended Axis & Dual Axis and FAQ.
  • Learn Group & Sets and their difference.
  • Difference between Sets & Quick Filter.
  • Difference between different Normal, Quick & Global Filters.
  • Learn LOD and In what scenarios you can use them.
  • Learn difference between Join, Blending and Cross Join.
  • Learn Relationship and how it helps to improve performance.
  • Learn VizQL.
  • Learn Dashboard Action.
  • How to increase performance of Dashboard.
  • What are Visual best practices.
  • Scenario questions on Groups, Parameter, Blending, Sets.
  • Learn how to add Conditional Formatting in Tableau.
  • Learn how to swap sheets in Tableau & how to add toggle to switch between graphs.
  • Learn how to add common Apply button for all filters in Tableau.
  • Learn how to add Row Level Security & Column Level Security in Tableau Dashboards.
  • Learn how to remove “ALL” from Tableau filters.
  • Learn how to create Custom Charts in Tableau.
  • Learn how to add Graph in Tooltip.
  • Learn how to allow user to choose size of BIN in Histogram.
  • FAQ on Date Function.
  • Learn Set Action.
  • Scenario Based Questions & Tableau FAQs.
  • FAQs of SQL.
  • Tips for Interview.

Course Content

  • Basic –> 15 lectures • 29min.
  • Intermediate –> 15 lectures • 22min.
  • Advance/ Scenario Based –> 21 lectures • 35min.

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  • Basic knowledge of Tableau is preferred. You will learn everything else you need to know..
  • Prior tableau experience will be added benefit and you can pick up fast for the questions.

Preparing for Tableau Interviews or starting your learning path on Tableau? This is the right place to start with.

This course covers multiple level questions like Basic, Intermediate and Advanced. Scenario based which can help learners with varied years of experience in Tableau. Interview Tips included will help you to stand apart and sound confident during the process. Detailed and  practical explanation of all questions provided.

In this course I have compiled the top 50 popular and frequently asked interview questions for Tableau which are asked by major companies. I have added detailed explanation around each one of them which will make you sound more confident in front of the interviewer.


For each question, I have started from beginning explaining the question first and then what approach should be taken to answer the same. For ease of all students I have divided the questions in various levels starting from basic and going till advanced so that  no step is missed and you can easily skill up your knowledge.

At the end, I have also added some very useful tips which will help you to answer any queries raised during the interview and represent yourself with much confident and knowledge driven.

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