Learn to draw – the easy way

Basic drawing techniques demonstrated in easy to follow steps. Downloads of pictures and documents used in the video.

‘I would love to learn to paint and draw -but…’

What you’ll learn

  • Basics of drawing.
  • making subjects and objects come to life.
  • drawing people.
  • drawing landscapes.

Course Content

  • Basic Drawing Techniques –> 5 lectures • 1hr 56min.

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‘I would love to learn to paint and draw -but…’

How many times I have heard people say that to me over the years, believing that you have to have been born with a pencil or paint brush in your hand if you are ever to be an artist.


But, we can all learn, at any age, and after 17 years of teaching art as a recreational subject here in sunny Spain, I can promise you I have watched nervous beginners become confident artists who have gone on to take commissions and sell their own wonderful artwork.


I am really happy to have the opportunity to now launch my method of teaching online, which means you can learn at home, in your own time – but also share your work on the forum and keep in touch with fellow students – and with me.


I know there are hundreds of art videos on Youtube and other streaming services by exceptional artists, where you are shown how to paint a picture, and they are certainly fun to watch. But if you are a beginner you have no chance of being able to replicate them until you have learned the basics of drawing.


Learning to draw is not as hard as you might think – and I teach in bite-sized pieces, so you are never overwhelmed by too much information in one go. In the first, free tutorial, I will show you how to draw simple objects, and make them look solid by shading and you will also go on to learn about proportion, perspective and negative spaces, which are your tools for learning draw almost anything!





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