Lemurian Spiritual Practices & The Mirror Healing Technique.

Opening of the Secret Chambers of the Heart & Solar Plexus, with the Sacred Symbols of Lemurian Divine Healing.

The course includes fully edited captions.

What you’ll learn

  • Receive 3 Initiations to the Lemurian Light and become permanently attuned to its energy..
  • Open the secret chambers of the Heart and Solar Plexus Chakras, with usage of the Sacred Lemurian Symbols of Divine Healing..
  • Awaken the Eye of the Soul..
  • Learn the Lemurian Mirror Healing Technique..
  • Experience a Guided Meditation so to come into connection with your personal Lemurian Guides..
  • Be able to reflect all the effects of the Divine Presence upon yourself and others..

Course Content

  • Introduction –> 4 lectures • 16min.
  • Lemurian Spiritual Practice ~ Part 1. –> 5 lectures • 31min.
  • Lemurian Spiritual Practice ~ Phase 2. –> 5 lectures • 37min.
  • The Mirror Healing Technique. –> 4 lectures • 36min.
  • Closure. –> 2 lectures • 4min.

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The course includes fully edited captions.

Hello and welcome to the “Lemurian Spiritual Practices & Mirror Healing Technique” course.

Upon the teachings received from Lemurian Spiritual Beings, I created this course, to offer you an apprenticeship on the Lemurian spiritual healing practice, called the Mirror Healing Technique, through which you will work with sacred Lemurian symbols of divine healing and open up the secret chambers of your heart and solar plexus chakra, so to bring liberation, restoration and unification, into the sacred essences of your being. As a result, through this practice you will experience the unified expression of yourself and be able to function from a soul level.

Through this course, you will learn the sacred Lemurian symbols and specific spiritual practices, which will allow you to perform the Lemurian Mirror Healing Technique.

This sacred spiritual practice was originally created by the Lemurians, so to bring into physical manifestation all effects of the Divine Expression, through mirroring on themselves the Divine Presence of the Creator. Although simple in its practice, the Lemurian Mirror Healing Technique is able to restore the element of your consciousness in profound and remarkable ways, in its original shining diamond state, which is a pure reflection of the shining diamond state that the energy of the Creator expresses.

Furthermore, you will receive 3 initiations to the Lemurian Light, through which you shall be coordinated to all attributes that the sacred Lemurian Energy has to offer. You will also experience a guided meditation, to come into connection with your own Lemurian Guides, who will help you in the continual of your practice after completing this course and will also help you expand your apprenticeship, by offering you their sacred wisdom and divine knowledge.

As this practice is sacred and of divine origin, it brings forth the effects of noble understanding. Through the works of silence, the Spiritual Lemurian Light, will ascend your vibration and through the opening of the secret chamber of the heart and of your solar plexus, you shall discover the thinnest expression of your consciousness ~ the one which is able to raise you through the planes of the existence and lead you into the celestial kingdom, where you may commune the fruits of divine theurgy and become a beholder of the heavenly divine grace.

I hope that through this course you will experience a noble spiritual journey and a satisfying learning experience.

* Please note, that all coordinations to the Lemurian Light will be given to you through guided attuning meditations, within the course.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me!

Divine Blessings,
Nickolas Mparalos!

Title of Music used in Meditations is “In Spiritus” by “Christopher Lloyd Clarke”. Licensed by “Enlightened Audio”.

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