Mini Mandala Tutorial-How to draw a Mandala ( Beginner )

Drawing a Mandala can help you relax and unwind. Learn simples steps to draw your own DIY Mandala

Join over happy 7364 students that are already enrolled in this Mini Mandala Tutorial.

What you’ll learn

  • How to draw a simple Mandala.
  • How to draw a DIY Mandala from scratch.
  • How to draw a structured Mandala.
  • How to draw an intuitive Mandala.

Course Content

  • Introduction: Before you get started with your DIY Mandala –> 7 lectures • 6min.
  • Method 1: How to make a structured Mandala using the Grid Method –> 14 lectures • 31min.
  • Method 2: How to make an Intuitive Mandala –> 6 lectures • 36min.
  • Meditation Audios to guide you during your Mandala Creation Process –> 5 lectures • 1hr 27min.
  • Last words –> 3 lectures • 6min.

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Join over happy 7364 students that are already enrolled in this Mini Mandala Tutorial.

It’s called MINI because it’s designed for someone who is busy and wants to commit to a SHORT course that helps them to relax and unwind, while having fun and gaining fast results =)

This is a Mini Mandala Course for Beginners. With the Course ” Mini Mandala Tutorial-How to draw a Mandala ( for Beginners ), I want to show you that drawing Mandalas is fun and easy. Mandala Coloring Books are very popular because drawing Mandalas can help to relax and to de-stress. Drawing and coloring your own mandalas is a meditative form of creating artwork that is much easier than it looks.

Learn how to draw a mandala from scratch!

In this Mini Mandala Course, I will show you in a few simple steps how to create your own Mandala. If you follow the simple steps of this Mandala Tutorial, you will soon be able to create your own unique Mandalas.

Maybe you have never made your own Mandala before and want to start creating your own.

Then this “How to draw a Mandala-  Mandala Course for Beginners” is definitely right for you.

This Mini Mandala Tutorial will teach you the following:

  • How to make your own structured Mandala ( Method 1)
  • How to make your own intuitive Mandala (Method 2)
  • How to make a Loop Mandala  (special video)


UPDATE July 2021: The course now comes with a brand new section : Mindful Instrumental Meditation Audios that will help you set the right atmosphere during your Mandala creation. You can just turn on the mp4 or mp3 files in the background and start drawing.

These are the MEDITATION audios you will receive:

– Floating on waves (15:08 minutes)

– Fireside meditation (15:33 minutes)

– Echoes of the forest (24:19 minutes)

– Eastern sunrise (16:15 minutes)

– Distant Thunder (15:15 minutes)

This means you get 1, 5 hour of pure Mandala Tutorials and an extra special 85 minutes of relaxing meditation audios. that will help you when you are stressed, anxious or just need some “me time”.


Requirements/Basic Supplies for ” How to draw a Mandala-  Mini Mandala Course”

You will not need a lot of supplies for this Mandala Drawing Course. Chances are high that you already have the drawing supplies at home. The Basic Drawing Materials that I recommend are:

-A pencil

-A Ruler

-A Protractor

-An Eraser

-White paper

-A black pen (thick)

-A black fine liner

-A compass

Optional: you can use colored pencils to color in your Mandalas once you have finished your black and white Mandala.


NO RISK!!!!!!!!!!

The enrollment to this Mandala Drawing Course comes with a 30 Day Money back guarantee , which means you can have a risk free look at my tutorial and find out if you like it. I look forward to seeing you inside my course!


So what are you waiting for? Click to enroll NOW so that you can get started and relax with the support of my Mini Mandala Tutorial Videos AND the meditation audios. See you inside the course!

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