My favorite crepes

Do you love crepes? But don’t know how to cook them? Then just watch our course – it’s very simple.

Hey everyone!

What you’ll learn

  • Follow a short video you will learn step-by-step how to make crepe batter with different recipes..
  • You will learn how to make stuffed crepes with different various fillings..
  • You will learn how to basic prepare every filling..
  • You will learn the recipes that we create ourselves..
  • You will learn how to cook incredibly delicious crepes..

Course Content

  • Introduction –> 11 lectures • 41min.

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Hey everyone!

This is my author’s course on how easy and fast you can cook the most delicious crepes. Each of you can learn how to cook with these simple recipes. I have not yet met people in my life who would not love crepes, and children, of course, love them most of all. This is a great option for breakfast, but you can also sometimes cook a few crepes for a light snack.

In this course, you will learn that crepes can be made from simple and affordable products that each of us has in the refrigerator. Many of my friends are surprised when they find out about the composition of crepes and do not believe that such delicious crepes can be made from these ingredients.

What do I like to serve these crepes with?

Of course, many of them are often served with sour cream, fresh berries and fruits, honey, raspberry jam, strawberry jam, blueberry jam, condensed milk, maple syrup, chocolate syrup, ice cream, and many other tasty additions.

Of course, these are just my favorite recipes, I know many more different ways of making crepes, but I can tell you about them in the next courses.

Come to our course and make your loved ones a little happier with these recipes.

Buon Appetit!!!

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