The Compact Guide To Tech Product Marketing

A Mini Masterclass Simplifying Tech Product Marketing Essentials For All Levels With The Ultimate PMM Toolkit

Welcome to “The Compact Guide To Tech Product Marketing”!

What you’ll learn

  • Understand what marketing is and why we need it in high-tech.
  • Define product marketing and its position in a high-tech company.
  • Frame the product workflow and identify relevant stakeholders.
  • Find the resources to create product marketing value.
  • State the responsibilities of a product marketing manager.
  • Conduct market research & competitive analysis.
  • Classify market segmentation, customer profiles, and Jobs To Be Done.
  • Define product positioning & messaging.
  • Formulate a high-level GTM strategy.
  • Apply sales & customer success enablement programs.
  • Master pricing principles.
  • Strategize product marketing content.
  • Contribute product feature suggestions.
  • Comprehend product communication.
  • Help optimize the product user journey.
  • Resolve common product marketing disputes.
  • Distinguish between B2B & B2C tech product marketing.
  • Identify the key traits of an outstanding product marketing manager.
  • Come prepared for the PMM hiring process in high-tech.
  • Introduce product marketing to peers effectively to enhance work collaboration.

Course Content

  • Tech Marketing & Product Marketing Introduction –> 3 lectures • 19min.
  • Tech Product Marketing In Practice –> 6 lectures • 54min.
  • Solutions to Common Disputes –> 5 lectures • 46min.
  • Tech Product Marketing Managers –> 2 lectures • 19min.
  • Tech Product Marketing Summary –> 2 lectures • 6min.

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Welcome to “The Compact Guide To Tech Product Marketing”!

I’m Efrat Shalem, an Impact entrepreneur and a seasoned marketing and product specialist with a decade of experience in high-tech.

Throughout this course, you’ll gain insights from my professional journey, learn the secrets of the trade, and equip yourself with tools that have proven to be game-changers in the world of tech product marketing.

Whether you’re a budding tech product marketer, a tech PMM seeking to enhance your workflow, someone wishing to introduce the PMM role to a high-tech team, or a tech business leader contemplating a hire – this course is designed for you, and at the end of it, you’ll get The Ultimate Tech Product Marketing Toolkit for FREE – where  80+ meticulously crafted, customizable slides, templates, and worksheets will be available to download and modify according to your professional needs!

In this comprehensive course, you’ll embark on a deep exploration of the dynamic realm of Tech Product Marketing. We’ll start with a solid foundation, understanding what Tech Marketing and Tech Product Marketing truly entail. Then, we’ll dive into real-world applications with a detailed overview of tech PMM responsibilities, from Market Research to Sales Enablement. Next, we’ll tackle common disputes in the field, addressing Pricing, Content Development, and more, and offer practical solutions. Then, we’ll define the role of B2B and B2C Tech Product Marketing Managers and the essential traits they possess. Finally, we’ll wrap it up with vital insights to guide you on your exciting product marketing path.


Unmatched Course Advantages

  • The most comprehensive yet compact tech product marketing-focused online course
  • Instructor with a decade of marketing, product management, and entrepreneurship experience in high-tech
  • Real-world examples and insights from the B2B and B2C tech industries
  • Real-life PMM job interview assignments from leading tech companies
  • “The Ultimate Tech PMM Toolkit”: a treasure trove of 80+ meticulously crafted, customizable slides, templates, and worksheets tailored for tech product marketing professionals


Dive in to uncover the essence of product marketing and its pivotal role in high-tech and learn how to make a mark in this dynamic field. Let’s embark on this transformative journey together!

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