How To Become A Magical Spiritual Witchcraft Masterclass

How to work Magical Witchcraft healing ritual, ceremony & spells for the spiritual solitary witch + personal happiness

Bringing witchcraft alive for you to work deeply with improving your wellbeing and mental health as you tune into nature and the natural cycles of life that support our needs. Discover the first and the Number 1 Bestselling Course in Witchcraft Course on Udemy. Sharon is one of Udemy’s top instructors and pioneered teaching shamanism online globally.

What you’ll learn

  • How to practice witchcraft with the intention to improve your confidence and sense of mastery, bringing you a healthier and more fulfilling life..
  • Mindfulness is the cornerstone of witchcraft. Increase your ability to improve abundance, physical health, lifestyle with heart centred practices.
  • How to build your confidence by weaving and walking your magical unique spiritual path as you reinstate your Divine Power..
  • Discover how to work effectively casting rituals and spells with each of the the phases of the moon. Make your own Book of Shadows..
  • One pivotal lesson that witchcraft teaches us is that our spaces are sacred this helps you to craft ceremonies for your family and community..
  • Discover and work with the elements – earth, air, fire and water, they represent facets of our existence and we can use them for personal development.
  • How to engage intuitively and intelligently creating powerful rituals to celebrating the Sabbats and Esbats and celebrate them with simplicity and ease..
  • How to create a variety of simple magical practices crafting magical altars, spells and sacred circles, discovering a rich path to your own divinity.
  • Understand and work effectively with the classic Witches Toolbox: athames, wands, cauldrons, staffs and more.

Course Content

  • Merry Meet, I Am Delighted To Be With You, This is an Introduction to Witchcraft –> 3 lectures • 14min.
  • This Ancient Path of Witchcraft That Goes On From Here to Evermore –> 4 lectures • 16min.
  • Learn about the tools in a Magical Witchcraft Toolbox and find objects at home –> 8 lectures • 32min.
  • Our Homes are Magical – Let’s Have Some Traditional Witchcraft Fun Together –> 5 lectures • 22min.
  • How to Heal the Planet, Heal Yourself by Becoming Whole and One With All Of Life –> 6 lectures • 53min.
  • How to Draw Down The Power of The Moon in Witchcraft – A Powerful Practice –> 10 lectures • 42min.
  • Seasonal Rites Associated With Witchcraft – A Time For Celebration and Devotion –> 18 lectures • 1hr 57min.
  • Well done – this may be over however you have only just begun your Witchy Way –> 3 lectures • 11min.

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  • This course is not Wicca. Wicca is a both a magical system and a religion that includes Witchcraft in it’s core principles, however a Witch does not necessarily have Wiccan religious views. So a Wiccan is always a Witch, but a Witch is not always a Wiccan.
  • You will be better prepared for the course if you have a regular meditation practice. Whilst not essential, it is helpful..
  • This course will not teach you the history of Witchraft.
  • Somewhere deep down inside you know that you have that magic living within you..
  • Come with an open heart and mind and let your self fly for personal development.

Bringing witchcraft alive for you to work deeply with improving your wellbeing and mental health as you tune into nature and the natural cycles of life that support our needs. Discover the first and the Number 1 Bestselling Course in Witchcraft Course on Udemy. Sharon is one of Udemy’s top instructors and pioneered teaching shamanism online globally.

  • Sharon offers you a certificate of attunement by request for free at the end of this course.

Are you curious about discovering more about witchcraft but are not sure where to go? This your masterclass guide to the foundations that underpin Witchcraft. Our lives are meant to be magical, I am a hereditary witch and offer you many magical ways to inspire and improve your life. My courses have been taken by over 50,000 happy students from 179 countries. I  am actively involved and answer questions and assignments generally within 24 hours.

Recent reviews from Engaging The Power Of Magical Spiritual Witchcraft Masterclass course:

“Just simply amazing. Our witchcraft instructor has the most beautiful & loving spirit. Making the instruction and journey engaging, fun and simply enchanting.”. – Brian F

It is new to me and I am really enjoying and trying it out. I am grateful to be reminded to stop giving my powers away! I have completed the course and I am excited to implement what I have learned to positively tap into my magical powers for everyone’s good!” – Evelyn B

“Sharon is an excellent instructor and gives clear and concise information. She has made me definitely want to explore further into spiritual witchcraft and shamanism..” Rhonda V

I love it! I am very much into the spiritual stuff, Witchery…I am a Reiki Master Teacher also this is right up my ally. Awesome!.” Cheryl P


Merry Meet. Discover how you can become a powerful creator of your own life experience. Learn how to co-create and bring more luck and wonder into your life. This is magical spiritual witchcraft, showing you easy to follow gifted approaches to bringing sacred magical spirituality into your everyday life through ritual, easy spell casting and more. As soon as we begin to connect with this accent craft, something awakens in us, like a buried memory stirring in our bones. Discover how witchcraft improves your lifestyle and makes your actions matter by casting spells and engaging is the sacred times of the moon and the year. Jump into the living magic of freedom and bliss and your life will never be mundane again.

“When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better too.” –Paulo Coelho

This is an interactive personal development course, you will be working with me in our virtual sacred space. As your guide, I am here with you daily to assist in answering your questions.

  • Discover the witches creed and say it with me
  • How to Cast Your Sacred circle; a magical spiritually infused sacred circle
  • Learn about the main items and how to use them in your Magical working toolbox: Athames, Wands, Cauldrons, Staff’s, Book of Shadows
  • Our Magical homes, how to create our home altars, altars in Witchcraft for different times of our sacred year
  • How to work effectively with the elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water
  • How to draw down and working with all the moon phases with ritual and associated spells
  • How to work with spells, ritual ceremony in the Seasonal Rites associated with Witchcraft – Yule, Imbolc, Ostara, Beltane, Litha, Lammas, Lughnasadh, Mabon, Samhain

This course aims to bring the sacred alive within you so that your personal development potential is opened and becomes transformative for all of you who sign up. You will be able to bridge this magical spiritual witchcraft path with your family, business, community, becoming of greater service to the planet thus bringing improvements to your lifestyle.

Moving into the sacred realm is an essential part of Magical Witchcraft. If fact it may be said it is the very essence itself. This is an ancient magical path for those whose hearts are true. This is one of the ancient ways that has survived the rigours of both time and persecution. The craft is not what it was thousands of years ago, nothing is. It has moved and morphed so that it is just as relevant today as back in the Mists of Avalon.

Come, let’s celebrate together in perfect love and perfect trust. My heart and soul are here in this course. So join me as we learn:

  1. how to cast spells
  2. how to perform specific rituals attuned to each seasonal phase
  3. how to both write and recite powerful invocations
  4. how to decorate seasonal altars and so much more.
  5. how to dare to be more than we could have ever imagined
  6. how to utilise witchcraft in your everyday life

With all my courses I aim to create a sacred, spiritual, magical global community from which we can all safely do deep spiritual work for self-development. I know there are mixed feelings about courses taught online in this way. There are pros and cons. However time, isolation and distance gift us an opportunity to work with a global magical community.  We are joining our hearts and spirits together on behalf of our Mother Earth as we once again resonate in frequency with her upon the sacred magical path that is Witchcraft.

Certification and Accreditation: Some instructors offer “accreditation” via external official-sounding bodies. The majority of these are fake. We call them Certificate Mills. The only thing the “Mill” wishes to see from the instructor is money (ranging from $40 – $1500 per course depending on the Mill) to pay for the process. They do not even wish to see 1 minute of any course nor any qualification an instructor may hold. You; the student is then sent to these places to pay them (more) money as the student. They commonly offer public liability insurance that you can get WITHOUT them and the fake fancy-looking Diploma.

As you know Udemy offers you a certificate of completion at the end of this course. However, I am happy to offer you a certificate of completion for any course of mine that you complete. Please ONLY message me through Udemy when you have completed the course. Note – I will not answer any requests for this outside of Udemy as I need to verify that you have completed the course!

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