Immunity Engineering

Engineering the Immunity and focusing on Holistic Well being is of utmost importance in the current times.

Not only protecting us from diseases, our body , has also the wonderful capability of bringing up us out from the diseases quickly.

What you’ll learn

  • Stress Management.
  • Tune with Nature.
  • Make mind your friend.
  • Detoxify the Body.
  • The powerful pressure points.
  • Learn the Meridians in the body.
  • Increase of Brain Neuroplasticity.
  • Recharge your Organs and Power your Body.
  • Blessings and its Benefits – Wave Theory.
  • Digital Detox before you Sleep.
  • Master your sleep meditation.
  • Revitalise the Prana-the Vital Force.
  • Conscious Breathing.
  • Energise the alveoli in your Lungs.

Course Content

  • About Immunity Engineering –> 1 lecture • 10min.
  • Electrify the Points –> 3 lectures • 37min.
  • The Music Mystic – soothing Mediation through Rhythmic –> 1 lecture • 25min.
  • Unlock your Mind Treasure –> 1 lecture • 10min.
  • Love your Breath –> 2 lectures • 24min.
  • Blessing – The Superpower –> 1 lecture • 14min.
  • Powerful Deep Sleep –> 3 lectures • 44min.

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  • Not only protecting us from diseases, our body , has also the wonderful capability of bringing up us out from the diseases quickly.
  • Our immunity will be enhanced by adopting the therapies that don’t involve in any kind of side effects inside the body and chemical free and natural.
  • Our body is an incredible mechanism which not only protects us from illness, but also heals us faster when we fall ill.Healing the body through non-invasive, chemical free treatments and adopting natural methods charges our immunity. Tuning within and enhancing the bio-magnetic energy helps harness your personal energy systems
  • By turning our mind inside to look into our Self and thus to increase our bio magnetism immensely, will enhance our potency and energy more
  • Doctors all over the world, the faculties involved in medical science, millions and millions of people all over the world- begin to realize about this amazing immunity power provided by nature
  • Doctors, Medical Professional and more and more people around the World have started to understand the importance of Natural Healing bestowed in the Human Body. Learn from Experts from Diverse fields, Seasoned Doctors/Professionals around the World, tenured and experienced Speakers/Masters.
  • Know about – increasing the immunity , living a complete healthy lifestyle – from the experts of various fields, experts in the medical field, experienced teachers and speakers- of the world
  • Become an antenna that attracts the universal magnetism, expand throughout the universe and increase mental peace.
  • Be the Antenna to receive the COSMIC forces, enhance peace within and Amplify to the Universe. In this program you will discover the wondrous technique of 14 Special Acupressure Points, Pranayama (Breathing) , sleep and movement patterns and managing emotions through the changes in life. In addition, you will also experience the rhythmic melody with Musical therapy.
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