Life Beyond Sobriety – Next Level Recovery

Setting and achieving meaningful goals gives you the best relapse prevention possible. I will show exactly what to do

Life Beyond Sobriety is next level recovery, it’s that simple.

What you’ll learn

  • How to prevent relapse by living a life that you are proud of and excited about.
  • How to design your future the way you want it to happen.
  • How to uncover conquer your “hidden commitments” which are holding you back from real success.
  • How to use the action based strategies that I teach you in these 12 modules to be well on your way to making your vision a reality.
  • About Identifying a Keystone Goal: That ONE BIG GOAL, that just by achieving it, will make most of your other goals come true.
  • How to get an accountability partner and why this is a GAME CHANGER.
  • How to start living OUTSIDE of your COMFORT ZONE and why this is mandatory for real success and relapse prevention.

Course Content

  • Creating your future and selecting a keystone goal –> 2 lectures • 27min.
  • Strategies to prevent relapse and make your future the new reality –> 9 lectures • 1hr 34min.
  • Celebration! –> 1 lecture • 8min.

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Life Beyond Sobriety is next level recovery, it’s that simple.

I decided to put this course together and include it as a main focus of my recovery coaching because based on my years of experience in the recovery community, I have seen countless people get clean, get comfortable and NOT make the next leap into a life that they’re proud of.  Because they got stuck, bored and weren’t really excited about life, they relapsed and some died.

My 5 years of relapsing is proof of this too.

If I don’t know where I want to go, what I do today doesn’t really matter, and that’s a depressing place to be.

The game changer for me was when I finally realized that if I wasn’t living a life that I was proud of, and if I didn’t have a pretty clear vision of where I was going to be in the future, I was in big trouble.

I got to work. I designed my future the way I wanted it to unfold.
I took courses, read books, went back to school for something I really wanted to do and I got out of my comfort zone and started a new business.

I took the most important concepts that I’ve put into practice in my own life and I will be introducing them to you in this amazing course.

From module one, you are going to start taking action – there is no magical way to get the things you want and to stay sober if you don’t take action, so that is what this course is all about!

Please make the small investment in this course and the huge investment in your life and in your future!

Come with me on a journey of hope, excitement, confidence and happiness as you identify the future that you REALLY want for yourself and let me show you exactly how you make it come true.



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