Networking with Possibilities – become a true connector

creating and maintaining a thriving business network

Networking with Possibilities is designed for those who want to create long-term relationships for their business and improve their overall communication skills.

What you’ll learn

  • Explain the advantages of a growth mindset when it comes to networking..
  • Demonstrate the proper use of powerful questions..
  • Identify different types of networking events..
  • Explain how you will create and maintain your powerful network..
  • Articulate the differences between a fixed and growth mindset.
  • Discover that when you help others that you are also helping yourself..
  • Choose which type of networking event is best for you to attend…
  • Unlock the skill of active listening as the key to networking..

Course Content

  • Networking with Possibilities Section 1 –> 4 lectures • 20min.
  • Networking with Possibilities. Section 2 –> 5 lectures • 28min.

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  • No business networking experience necessary. You will learn all you need to know from this course..

Networking with Possibilities is designed for those who want to create long-term relationships for their business and improve their overall communication skills.

This course covers all you need to know about the fundamentals of professional business networking and how becoming a true “connector” can take your business to the next level.


This is the course for you, if you are:

1. considering networking as a way to promote your business. Networking is one of the best ways to generate interest about the services and/or products you provide, at a deeper level than traditional advertising. Business networking focuses more on building relationships that lead to repeat sales and referrals. Advertising has its place, but is not the most effective way to build true connections with your clients and referral partners, if that’s your goal.

2. interested in improving your ability to connect with others. There is a combination of art and science that comes into play when business networking. In this course, you will learn how to implement aspects of each discipline to enhance your abilities and become a true connector.

3. excited to learn techniques the “master networkers” use to create engaging conversations. These techniques employ quantum physics and enhance emotional intelligence. The activities in this course will help you uncover ways to help others be successful and unlock the benefits this approach has that help you achieve your goals, as well.


Through this step-by-step video series, I will take you on a journey to become a Connector.

You will start by gaining an awareness of how you currently view networking. This will give you insights into where you are right now and provide ideas on where you may have some room to grow.

Next, you will learn about various business networking options and discover how to choose the best approach for you and your business. Through the examination of your business goals, you will become equipped to discern the advantages of attending one type of event over another and feel comfortable choosing the best approach for your circumstances.

Once you’ve decided which event to attend, I will help you uncover your current mindset (ie. growth or fixed) and offer ideas to become even more growth oriented. You will practice using my three-step approach to creating intentions that engage your reticular activating system (RAS). Your RAS is that part of your brain that sees the possible opportunities you seek as they appear in your life; it highlights the breadcrumbs to success.

Because attending an event can feel overwhelming, I’ve crafted a pre-event approach that increases your exposure while reducing your nervous energy so you feel more relaxed and are able to enjoy the experience. When you’re calm, you are better able to interact with others and have more fun. As a result, you will appear confident and approachable to others.

You can use this confidence to begin conversations with people you would like to connect with and learn more about. Once you begin connecting, you will be able to use the techniques I share to become a highly effective listener and learn to ask more powerful questions that will drive your conversations deeper and make them more effective.

This course also helps you categorize your connections so you are able to prioritize where you spend your energy. This activity will allow you to become more efficient at creating connections and helps you build a lasting network after the event.

Throughout the class, there will be opportunities to check your understanding and downloadable resources to provide guidance on your journey.

Networking, or connecting with people, is something that I do naturally. I don’t consciously think about it. I just do it, because that’s how I’m wired. I’m a naturally curious person who enjoys getting to know other people’s stories. I’m a self-proclaimed connector, and if you’d like, I want to help you become a connector too.

What is a connector? A connector is someone that can see opportunities between two people and connect them. That connection may be with you and someone that you connect with directly or you can bring other people together for a common purpose.

A connector can understand a service being offered, identify a potential person needing that service, make an introduction and allow the natural progression of the interaction to unfold. I thrive on making connections where others don’t see them and I look forward to helping you learn these techniques, as well.

Ready to learn how to become a connector and create a thriving business network while gaining skills to enhance your life?

Let’s get started!

I look forward to seeing you on the inside with more tips and lots of good information!!

Until then…take care. ~Chris


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