Postgraduate Executive Diploma: Leadership

Leadership Strategy, Skills, Management Styles, Roles and Functions of a Leader, Situational leadership, Team Formation

What you’ll learn

What you’ll learn

  • Whats is leadership nowadays and its history.
  • The theory of leadership.
  • Skills of a modern leader.
  • Styles of leadership.
  • Roles and functions of a leader.
  • Situational leadership and how to use it.
  • Who is strategic leader.
  • What is effective leadership.
  • Stages of team formation.
  • Dynamics of group development.
  • Decision making and its tools.
  • Effective and ineffective decisions.
  • How to plan and planning methods.

Course Content

  • Introduction –> 3 lectures • 6min.
  • Leadership –> 6 lectures • 1hr 15min.
  • Interactive Part, Next Steps and Answers to Questions –> 3 lectures • 4min.
  • Next Steps –> 1 lecture • 2min.

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What you’ll learn

● Whats is leadership nowadays and its history

● The theory of leadership

● Skills of a modern leader

● Styles of leadership

● Roles and functions of a leader

● Situational leadership and how to use it

● Who is strategic leader

● What is effective leadership

● Stages of team formation

● Dynamics of group development

● Decision making and its tools

● Effective and ineffective decisions

● How to plan and planning methods



Welcome to course: Leadership

You will know about: leadership, roles and functions of a leader, group development and dynamics, planning and decision-making tools, strategic and effective leadership

Course provided by: The Retail Banking School, Lisbon, global banking, fintech and business school.


Course Instructor: Zhansaya Berdikulova,

Regional Coordinator of the leadership development project in schools of Kazakhstan, certified coach, leadership development coach

Master of Economic Sciences of M.Auezov South Kazakhstan University

After finishing a course you will get: teamwork skills, team management, planning and decision-making tools


Course Plan:

1. About the course, topic and author

2. What is leadership

3. Styles of leadership and leadership roles

4. Strategic and effective leadership

5. Stages of team formation and its dynamic

6. Decision making and its tools

7. Planning methods


Course Full Description and Welcome Letter:



Welcome to the online leadership course. This course is intended and will be useful for those who want to develop leadership skills, work with groups of people, and develop flexible skills like planning and decision-making.


This course can be the beginning of your new life, in which you will use flexible skills and leadership qualities that, as a result, will help you work effectively with people, manage your life and build communication.


In modern competitive times, leadership is the most important quality and skill that contributes to personal development and career growth. A leader can easily find a language with any group of people, make both individual and group decisions, manage changes, guide and inspire people, become better himself and help others in this.


And this course is a great opportunity to learn it at your own pace. The main recommendation for completing the course is to practice the theories and knowledge that are given here, because knowledge becomes useful and effective when you transition into a skill.


I have been teaching leadership for more than 10 years, judging by my changes and the changes of my students, I can say with confidence that this is one of the key success factors both in my personal life and at work.


A little about me

My name is Zhansaya, but for you I’m just Saya


For the last 10 years, I have been teaching adults and children leadership, communication, conflict management, decision-making, planning – all the flexible skills necessary for life and work.


In addition, I teach trainers and teachers who further transfer this knowledge and skills. Higher economic education in the field of management and marketing helps me to lead leadership not only as a life skill, but also as a professional for becoming top managers and managers.


I wish you new knowledge and hope that the course will be useful and effective for you!

Let’s get started!

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