Reiki 1, 2 and Master Course

Become a certified Usui Reiki Practitioner and Teacher

This course covers reiki level 1, 2 and Master Teacher level.

What you’ll learn

  • Become attuned as a Reiki Master.
  • Attune others to reiki.
  • Heal yourself and others with the reiki life force energy.
  • Learn about our body’s energy system.
  • Learn about the 5 Reiki Principles.
  • Learn the 3 Pillars of Reiki.
  • Learn how to scan the aura.
  • Learn how to give a “hands on” or “hands off” method of reiki healing.
  • Learn how to perform powerful Qigong exercises.

Course Content

  • Reiki 1 –> 24 lectures • 1hr 17min.
  • Reiki 2 –> 7 lectures • 32min.
  • Reiki Master Teacher –> 6 lectures • 28min.
  • Your Attunement –> 1 lecture • 1min.
  • Conclusion –> 1 lecture • 3min.

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This course covers reiki level 1, 2 and Master Teacher level.

In this course you’ll learn and understand what reiki is and how it is used to heal yourself and others.

You’ll also learn about the history of reiki, and you’ll learn what the 5 reiki principles are.

You’ll learn about the body’s energy system, which includes the human aura or energy field, the chakras and the meridians.

You’ll learn how to clear any blocks in your body’s energy system and how to maintain your energetic health.

You’ll learn how to ground your energy and perform Kenyoku (dry bathing).

You’ll also learn how to see and feel the aura.

You’ll learn how to scan the aura (byosen scan).

You’ll learn about the reiki level 2 traditional symbols and their meanings, and you’ll also learn some extra non-traditional symbols.

You’ll learn how to give distance healing.

You’ll discover the 3 pillars of reiki.

You’ll learn how to perform reiki attunements so that you can attune others to reiki.

Learn how to perform the microcosmic orbit, violet breath, and breath of the fire dragon.

You’ll receive all 3 levels of reiki attunement via a distance ceremony.

You’ll receive a certificate from me, upon request.

This course is self-paced and 100% digital and online.

As part of this course, you will receive a downloadable PDF manual for each of the levels of reiki.

You’ll also receive the symbols in PNG format to keep handy on your phone, or to print out.

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