Spiritual Awakening: Spiritual Foundation Course

Step onto the Spiritual Journey, Connect with your Soul, Understand the Law of Attraction, and Soul Lessons


What you’ll learn

  • Understand the spiritual path.
  • How to connect with the soul and lead a soul-directed life.
  • Learn how to distinguish the difference between the voice of the soul and the voice of the mind.
  • Learn about the Higher Self.
  • Learn about the chakras and how to work with them for spiritual growth.
  • Learn about the aura and how to cleanse it.
  • Understand how to direct your spiritual journey.
  • Learn about the Law of Attraction.

Course Content

  • Introduction –> 4 lectures • 19min.
  • The Soul –> 6 lectures • 46min.
  • The Chakras and Aura –> 4 lectures • 43min.
  • The Law of Attraction –> 2 lectures • 15min.

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It was a great session (class). It felt as though it was speaking to soul wisdom. I felt clarity. I love the exercises we did which I’m going to continue to do from now on. When we were doing the exercise of watching our thoughts , I discovered some of my negative beliefs and wrote them down so I can clear them.

It was beautiful and insightful. Thank you.

– Sabnam


We are going to be talking about the spiritual path and spiritual foundations.

This class is:

For those that are just starting on their spiritual journey or those that started a while ago,

Those going through a spiritual awakening

Those that want to be guided on their journey,

Those that wish to experience more ease, grace and flow

Those that want to understand the foundational aspects to living a spiritual life.

We will launch into what is the spiritual path, the soul, higher self, the choice of coming into this life, the purpose of it, about energy, the law of attraction, the chakras and aura, and how to keep them cleansed and energised, and about free will. I delve into all the topics that you need to know to feel confident with your path.

I will also be guiding you through a meditation that will help you to clear and charge your chakras and aura.

In this course, I am to provide a roadmap to the spiritual world. It will help you to understand your own path more. Whether you are going through a spiritual awakening or just opening up to the spiritual path, or been on it for any years, there will be understandings and awarenesses that will serve you on your journey.

This course is grounded, down-to-earth, and practical, and will leave you with tools, exercises and mediations that you can use as you navigate your spiritual journey.

I’m excited to guide you on your spiritual path. To help you understand more about the spiritual world and how to work with it. To help you to understand the spiritual domain, and help you to become a co-creator in your life, to bring more ease and grace and flow into your world

This course is for anyone that is just starting on their spiritual path or already on their journey. We discuss so many subjects that will help you to understand the path and walk it with more ease, grace and understanding.

All of these things that I have learnt over the 24 years since my spiritual awakening and the last 15 or so years being a professional psychic and spiritual teacher. These are all the things that can help us to direct our path and lead a spiritual life, a spirit infused experience. A life of deeper meaning, fulfillment and joy.

If you are interested in having someone to guide you on your journey, then please check out the course description or watch the sample videos below and I look forward to seeing you in the course for our first lesson.