Advances in the Design of Ground Tanks

Learn advanced techniques and issues in the design of ground tanks

Advances in the Design of Ground Tanks:

What you’ll learn

  • To have a general idea about the ground tanks and their different types and classification.
  • To learn about the basis of the design of ground tanks.
  • To learn about the thermal effects and movement joints.
  • How to calculate the uplift forces and what are the different methods of dewatering systems.
  • Learn about the analysis and design of ground tanks.
  • How to draw the reinforcement detailing correctly.
  • learn about the early thermal cracking and restrain factors according to CIRIA C766.
  • To solve manual examples according to Euro code.
  • How to model ground water tank using SAP2000 and the design of different section on the service limit state and ultimate limit state.

Course Content

  • Introduction –> 1 lecture • 4min.
  • 01- Water Tanks in General –> 1 lecture • 8min.
  • 02- Thermal Effects and Joints –> 3 lectures • 35min.
  • 03- Uplift and Dewatering Systems –> 2 lectures • 23min.

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Advances in the Design of Ground Tanks:

This course covers fundamental concepts and methods in the water-retaining structure design. Starting with the main concepts, we present the classification of the tanks, different types, and shapes. Afterward, we move on to have a look at the basis of the analysis and design of ground tanks. Also, we will explain very important topics. For instance, dewatering systems, waterproofing, early thermal cracking according to CIRIA C766, and reinforcement detailing of tanks. All these topics will be presented in detail with solved manual examples and finite-element modeling using SAP2000.

The emphasis is on the full understanding of the main concept and how this can be implemented in real-life applications. Learn advanced topics and techniques in the analysis and design of ground tanks. 

This course is suitable for every structural engineer. as it is vital to be aware of the design methodology and special precautions regarding the design and construction of any water-retaining structure.

Who is the target audience?

  • This course is outstanding for undergraduate engineering students who feel a little lost in their water tank design lectures. We start from scratch, establish the basics, and build from there.
  • Civil engineers who are concerned about the construction of ground tanks and swimming pools.
  • Structural engineers face obstacles during the analysis and design procedure to meet all the requirements of the design.
  • Structural engineers who are doing their design manually want to learn quick techniques to design ground tanks by computer.

Working examples

Manual design examples besides analysis and design using finite element software on real projects in the real world.

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