Irregular Verbs Course: Full list PDF + Song + Examples

Everything you need to master Irregular Verbs!

Unlock the Rhythms of English with the “Irregular Verbs Course”!

What you’ll learn

  • Learners will be able to accurately identify, use, and conjugate 135 irregular verbs in English..
  • Participants will improve their pronunciation of irregular verbs, ensuring they can recognize and use these verbs correctly..
  • Acquire effective strategies for memorizing and recalling irregular verbs, making their learning process more efficient and enjoyable.
  • Gain confidence in applying irregular verbs in everyday communication, both in spoken and written English.

Course Content

  • Introduction –> 1 lecture • 1min.
  • Course Lessons –> 8 lectures • 35min.

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Unlock the Rhythms of English with the “Irregular Verbs Course”!

Dive into the Dynamic World of Irregular Verbs with a Unique Musical Twist!

Navigating the complex world of irregular verbs in English can be challenging, but who says it can’t be fun? “Irregular Verbs Course” transforms traditional learning into an exciting musical adventure. With a catchy rap video featuring 135 irregular verbs, learning becomes an engaging and memorable experience.


Why Our “Irregular Verbs Course” is a Must-Have:

Animated Rap Video: Immerse yourself in the rhythm of English with our animated rap video, narrating 135 irregular verbs to a catchy beat!

Interactive Quizzes: Test your knowledge and track your progress with our interactive quizzes tailored to reinforce your learning.

In-Depth Understanding: Delve into the usage of all three verb forms and learn how they fit into everyday English.

Grouping by Type: Master verbs faster by learning them in groups, based on similar patterns and conjugations.

Complete List: Find 135 Most Commonly used irregular verbs in one place!


What You’ll Get in This Course:

A Long Animated Rap Video: A fun, engaging way to memorize and understand the usage of 135 irregular verbs.

Practical Tips and Strategies: Our top 5 tips for effectively learning and remembering irregular verbs.

Comprehensive Resources: Access to additional materials, including a guide about the difference between BrE and AmE.

Expert Guidance: Designed by an experienced English educator, this course is your gateway to mastering irregular verbs in a way that’s both enjoyable and effective.


Success Stories from Our Students:

“I never thought I’d enjoy learning grammar, but the rap video was a game-changer!” – Viktorija

“The interactive quizzes helped reinforce what I learned in a fun way.” – Ahmed

“I feel so much more confident in using these verbs in my daily conversations. Great course!” – Raj

“Finally, a grammar course that’s both educational and entertaining!” – Mari


Step Up Your English Game with Confidence and Rhythm! With “Irregular Verbs Course“, you’re not just learning; you’re experiencing the joy of language learning through music and interactivity!

Enroll Now and Transform Your Approach to English Grammar!

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