Scientific Research in Herbalism with Certificate

Learn to conduct scientific research in naturopathy, nutrition, health coaching, and holistic medicine.

Have you heard anyone refer to herbalism as a fad, pseudoscience, quackery, etc?

What you’ll learn

  • Learn about the benefits of conducting research in herbalism.
  • Learn how to conduct scientific research in herbalism.
  • Learn about major databases for scientific research.
  • Learn about international research sources for herbalism.

Course Content

  • Research in Herbalism –> 6 lectures • 2hr 45min.

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Have you heard anyone refer to herbalism as a fad, pseudoscience, quackery, etc?

Has anyone ever told you that herbalism or natural remedies do not work as effectively as modern medicine?

Are you an herbalist who is eager to learn about the research that has been conducted on traditionally used herbs?

Are you a person who has a health issue that you would love to learn more about so that you can bring the research to your doctor and talk with them about your options?


If so, welcome to the “Scientific Research in Herbalism and Holistic Medicine” course. We will explore the benefits and drawbacks of conducting scientific research in herbalism, how to conduct research, how to analyze research, and how to implement the things you learn into your life.

If you are someone in herbalism, naturopathy, natural medicine, holistic medicine, nutrition, dietetics, sports nutrition, or health coaching, this is the PERFECT course for you!


In this course you will learn how to combine the ancestral and spiritual herbalism with the modern medicine and scientific studies of herbalism. Confirm the knowledge that you have gathered with your foundational herbalism skills. You will learn the benefits of scientific research, the advancements, and even some of the drawbacks to herbalism and its combination with modern science and medicine.


“Growing up I had several health issues including anxiety, painful periods, and migraines. When my son was 7 months, he developed super severe eczema. After taking him to a pediatrician, allergist, and dermatologist I started to give up. They only recommended steroid creams, bleach baths, and wearing white clothes. After spending a year researching eczema, I was able to create my Advanced Eczema Support Bundle which healed his eczema for good. I have also healed my painful cycles and migraines. I was able to research the root cause to my health issues to lead me to natural ways to support my health.


Now my goal is to help others learn the foundation and importance of conducting research in herbalism. Happy Healing!

Visit kateonaturalsolutions to see all of the reviews and how I have been able to help heal people from their health issues with my combined herbalism experience. ”



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