Slovak language – all you need to know – beginners

Learn in a visual, non-boring and creative way!

Do you want to learn slovak language but it feels quite overwhelming?

What you’ll learn

  • How to introduce yourself in Slovak.
  • How to have simple conversation with people in Slovak.
  • How to order in restaurants, how to ask for a bill in Slovak.
  • How to give people compliments in Slovak.
  • How to apologize in Slovak.
  • and many more!.

Course Content

  • Course –> 21 lectures • 1hr 40min.

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Do you want to learn slovak language but it feels quite overwhelming?

This course will give you the essential summary in a clear structural way, step by step.

If you want to have SOLID BASICS in Slovak language, understand the most important grammar rules, learn the most important phrases and words – this course is for you.

You’ll learn about the most important grammar + phrases + vocabulary.

Learn in a VISUAL non-boring creative way!


If you want my personal review of the challenge that is at the end of each lesson, send me your answer in the message.

Throughout the course if you have any questions or doubts, feel free to reach out to me.


Topics of the course:


  1. Greetings and basic phrases
  2. I am , you are,
  3. Compliments (Pronouns)
  4. I like / I don’t like (Accusative)
  5. Rodina, Family vocabulary
  6. Where do you live? I am from…
  7. I want, Chcieť
  8. I am sorry, apologising
  9. Asking Questions
  10. Numbers, Čísla
  11. What is your favourite… ? (Adjectives, Genders)
  12. Daily activities / hobbies
  13. Poznám, Viem
  14. What day is today?
  15. Ordering, In the restaurant
  16. Sloveso Mať / Akuzativ / Nakupovanie
  17. My job is…
  18. I travel by (instrumental case)
  19. Conjugation present tense
  20. Adjectives
  21. Comparing Adjectives, more or less

This course was created with the aim to help you learn Slovak language from scratch and to help you learn in an efficient and creative way. Happy learning!


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