The Complete Course of PCB Design using Autodesk Eagle 2023

Learn Autodesk Eagle in a Professional way. Become an expert in PCB design, Electronics, Electrical Engineering…

Become a PCB designer professional and learn one of employer’s most requested skills nowadays!

What you’ll learn

  • At the end of the course you will fully master Autodesk Eagle, to be able to conduct out your own PCB design and electronics projects from scratch.
  • You will become familiar with its interface, toolbars and basic commands, and you will master all the phases of the design, layout and configuration process.
  • You will be able to use step by step the Schematic Design Environment, understanding all the logic and ending with advanced practical examples.
  • You will learn in a professional way the PCB Layout Design Environment, going deep into every detail.
  • You will work with Fusion 360, and you will learn how to link Fusion 360 to Eagle and customize 3D Library.
  • You will understand the fundamental concepts to be able to work with Manufacturing Files (Gerber and Drill Files…) in a professional way.
  • You will learn how to make your own library, and above all, understanding their interpretation.
  • You will master the ULP (User Language Programs), the Autodesk Eagle Autorouter, and Spice Simulation, using all options of the software.
  • You will be able to practice the content learned in a practical way by following all the steps in the complete exercises.
  • You will start with the basics and progressively carry out more complex steps until you reach an advanced level and absolute mastery at the end of the course.

Course Content

  • Introduction –> 4 lectures • 39min.
  • Schematic Design –> 4 lectures • 1hr 12min.
  • PCB Layout Design –> 4 lectures • 54min.
  • Using Fusion 360 (3D Viewer) –> 4 lectures • 47min.
  • Manufacturing File –> 2 lectures • 14min.
  • ULP Tool (User Language Programs) –> 1 lecture • 6min.
  • Make our own Library –> 2 lectures • 37min.
  • Extra section: Autodesk Eagle Autorouter and Autodesk Eagle SPICE Simulation –> 2 lectures • 37min.
  • Course Closure –> 2 lectures • 57min.

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Become a PCB designer professional and learn one of employer’s most requested skills nowadays!

This comprehensive course is designed so that students, engineers, electronics hobbyists, researchers… can use Autodesk Eagle software from scratch to use it in a practical and professional way. Never mind if you have no experience in the software, you will be equally capable of understanding everything and you will finish the course with total mastery of the subject.

After several years working as an Engineer, I have realized that nowadays mastering Eagle for the PCB (Printed Circuit Board) design is very necessary in engineering, electronics or other industrial applications. Autodesk Eagle is one of the leaders in the industry and its demand is increasing. Knowing how to use this software can give you many job opportunities and many economic benefits, especially in the world of engineering and digital electronics.

The big problem has always been the complexity to perfectly understand the software it requires, since its absolute mastery is not easy. In this course I try to facilitate this entire learning and improvement process, so that you will be able to carry out and understand your own projects in a short time, thanks to the step-by-step and detailed examples of every concept.

With more than 6 exclusive hours of video, this comprehensive course leaves no stone unturned! It includes both practical exercises and theoretical examples to master Eagle. The course will teach you PCB design in a practical way, from scratch, and step by step.

We will start with the installation of Eagle software on your computer, regardless of your operating system and computer.

Then, we’ll cover a wide variety of topics, including:

  • Introduction to PCB design, Eagle and course dynamics
  • Download and Install Eagle latest version
  • General familiarization with the user interface and Autodesk Eagle features
  • Complete project setup and basic Eagle Commands and Preferences
  • Schematic Design: Schematic Environment, Component placement & Wiring, Hierarchical Schematic, and Check Schematic
  • PCB Layout Design: Board Environment, Layers Overview, Arranging the Board, and Inspecting Board
  • Linking Fusion 360 to Eagle and Customizing 3D Library
  • Working with Manufacturing Files (Gerber File and Drill File)
  • Making our own library
  • Full use of ULP (User Language Programs), Autodesk Eagle Autorouter and Spice Simulation
  • PCB Design Tips and Tricks
  • Mastery and application of absolutely ALL the functionalities and tools of the software and PCB
  • Practical exercises and much more!

In other words, what I want is to contribute my grain of sand and teach you all those things that I would have liked to know in my beginnings and that nobody explained to me. In this way, you can learn to solve a wide variety of projects quickly and make versatile and complete use of Autodesk Eagle. And if that were not enough, you will get lifetime access to any class and I will be at your disposal to answer all the questions you want in the shortest possible time.

Learning Autodesk Eagle and PCB design has never been easier. What are you waiting to join?

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