Uber Analytics Test

For versions 3.1 and 6.16 of the UBER Analytics Test

You will only get one chance. Don’t waste it.
Be prepared with TEST4U, the game-changer training concept.

What you’ll learn

  • How to properly answer the questions of UBER Analytics test..
  • This course includes Interactive Training Assignments, PowerPoint Presentations, Practice Tests, Video-lessons.

Course Content

  • PRACTICE TESTS –> 0 lectures • 0min.
  • INTERACTIVE ASSIGNMENTS –> 1 lecture • 2min.
  • EPILOGUE –> 1 lecture • 1min.
  • BONUS Lecture –> 1 lecture • 3min.

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  • Basic Knowledge of Microsoft Excel or any other spreadsheet program is required for better understanding of the course..

You will only get one chance. Don’t waste it.
Be prepared with TEST4U, the game-changer training concept.


—– UPDATED January 2021 —–

Featured questions in the Q & A section of the course



The TEST4U Course

The TEST4U team realized that there is a need for a complete Training system for the Uber Analytics Test, so we created the UBER Analytics Test, preparatory course. It is targeted to people, who have, at least, the basic skills in Excel, and it covers the versions 3.1 & 6.16 of the UBER Analytics test.

In this course we will try to help you navigate through the complexities and the hazards of the UBER Analytics Test.


The Course at a glance

1. UBER Services. Details on all UBER services

2. UBER Vocabulary. Learn the vocabulary UBER uses in their test.

3. UBER Interview Process. A complete walkthrough of your interview process.

4. 20 UBER Essay Questions. 20 UBER Essay subjects like the ones you will face in the test for you to practice

5. 4 presentations for the above subjects in PowerPoint or PDF format.

6. 2 Practice Tests with multiple choice questions like the ones in the test

7. 1 Practice test added as update on March 2019 to include the latest type of questions

8. Detailed answers for all the questions of the Practice Tests

9. 23 Assignments. During the test a lot of the questions will require to use Excel in order to answer them. We have included assignments similar to these questions.

10. Approximately 30 downloadable Excel Files or CSVs. Each of the assignments require an Excel file or a CSV to solve them. We have included all these files in the assignments for you to practice on.

11. Video Solutions for all 23 assignments. All assignments are accompanied with a video solution explaining the way to solve them


The Course in detail

— Learn about most of the UBER Services. UBER is a global company and some services are not available in all countries or may have different names. You will learn about:



Uber Everything



– And many more


— Learn the Vocabulary UBER uses. You will learn about:

Surge Pricing

Eyes and Zeros



– And many more


— You will learn about all the stages o the interview process and get tips for each one. You will learn about:

1. The first interview

2. The analytics test

3. The second interview

4. And the Panel interview


— We have gathered 20 very interesting essay subjects along some general tips for the Essay questions. Some examples of such Essay subjects are:

In no more than 5 sentences try to persuade a driver to join UBER.

What in your opinion are the key issues concerning sharing economy?

UberEATS service charges a delivery fee, which other food delivery services don’t charge. Make the argument to a potential customer, to justify this delivery fee.

– And many more


— The practice tests have questions tailored to cover every type of questions UBER may ask you. This why we constantly update them. The latest update on March 2019 doubled them in number. If you feel after taking the test that you faced something that was not covered from our questions, contact us and we will update our questions to include it.


— The 30 Excel or CSV files that are provided in the assignments are filled with real life data. You can use them to answer the assignments although you can also keep them to practice on them and get comfortable with them.


— All assignments are accompanied by detailed video solutions. We recommend you try to solve the assignments without viewing the solution. This way you will better understand your limitations and be able to focus on them. You can then see the video after you have solved it, to know if you answered the question correctly.


— We give feedback to all assignments, usually within one or two working days. Although in many cases we have been known to answer within a few hours.



What other students are saying:

Caz V:

“I purchased this course after being disappointed by the other, higher-rated Uber Analytics course featured on Udemy (Coursetake). The Test4U course was a million times better!!! I cannot say that enough. The Test4U questions are clearer, the datasets do not contain errors, and all of the answers provided are actually correct. Test4U is also very responsive– if you think there is an error or if you have questions about an exercise, you can send them a message. They responded to me in less than 24 hours! You also have the option of sharing your answers and seeing what other students did to answer the questions. All of this was very helpful. I passed the test, and I have Test4U to thank for it! The only thing I would ask them to change is to provide explanations for ALL of the multiple choice questions instead of a subset.


Elena Boura:

“The course calls for downloading some training test, TEST4U, where I can practice the for the Excel test. I underestimated this feature at first sight, but it turns out that this could be the main reason to purchase the product. It makes the difference. Easy to use and with detailed guidelines. I think it is useful for other skills as well.”

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