Excel VBA Introduction- Data Analytics Training Series1

You will learn complete VBA Introduction here from scratch

I am here to make you awesome in Excel VBA. Let us take a deep dive into VBA and learn it from the beginning.

What you’ll learn

  • You will learn the basics of variables and also a lot about recording macros and how to edit them and make them work in your favor. You will learn how to connect multiple macros,what is the scope of local – module and public variables . You will see the use of data types in programming as well..
  • Great start for beginers.
  • What is VBA and why it is required in Excel..
  • Introduction to Macro Editor. How to record, save and Edit a macro. Step by step in detail.
  • How to work with Range , cells and data copy commands. Why you don’t have to remember them..
  • Work with Sheets and data copy in this very first introduction and see the power of Macro Editors..
  • Limitations of Macro Editor and Advantages of macro editor. How to use them in your favor always..
  • Mini project on Data compile. How to copy data from different sheets and paste into one sheet with no hand written code..
  • Get the last row and how to select tables – Static and Dynamic methods. Which one to use and when to use it..
  • Different ways to run a macro. For users as well as developers..
  • Introduction to Variables. Its data types like string, long, byte, single, double and variant..
  • Why do we need data types and difference between these data types..
  • How to know the problem when error comes like Overflow, Type mismatch , Subscript out of range..
  • Scope of a variable- Public , Module level and local variables – in full detail using Call Keyword.
  • Assignments on introduction to macro plus Variables is also shared with you. It has solutions as well..
  • What is an Option Explicit. How to activate it and is it required always?.
  • Questions you may expect in your interview regarding Variable and Error messages. Full on preparation in the course itself..

Course Content

  • Introduction –> 10 lectures • 6hr 4min.

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  • Basic knowledge of Excel and you need to have excel installed.
  • I am here to make you awesome in Excel VBA. Let us take a deep dive into VBA and learn it from the beginning.
  • We are starting with Macro recorder introduction. How to record steps and play it later using VBA.
  • How to Edit the existing macros if your boss want you to change few lines.
  • How to Run macros or delete macros or give shortcut keys. There are different ways to execute your program or macro. Know all of them.
  • How to find out last row and how to select the data. We have discussed Static and Dynamic , both approaches and their advantages ,disadvantages over each other. Everything is discussed in full detail. Great for freshers who do not know anything about programming.
  • How to correct Macros if they are recorded with wrong steps.
  • How to run macro step by step which we need it for debugging.
  • How to move from one sheet to another. What errors we can expect if sheet name changes and how to sort out your issues.
  • Introduction to Variables. What are variables and why do we need them. How to declare them.
  • Data types of Variables and their significance in your project. Strings. Integer, Single, byte, Double , Variants – we have covered all.
  • Grip over variable related errors – overflow and type mismatch – Why they come and how to resolve the issues.
  • Use of Local window for better testing of your code. How to activate it and how to use this window.
  • Option Explicit – How to declare it and what benefit it provides.
  • Frequently asked Questions related to Variables asked in your interview.
  • Call key word .
  • Scope of Variable – Local, module, private and Public level variables . In full detail everything is covered.
  • Assignments solutions are also provided in the form of file as well as lecture video explaining it.
  • We have a long way to go and i promise you wont be disappointed after taking this program. We have live project discussions and assignments for you to practice. You will not only learn here but also know how to implement the VBA in real environment.