Goals App: SwiftUI 3, iOS 15, Protocols, MVVM, Firebase

Build complete app from start to finish in SwiftUI 3 following MVVM and Repository pattern & Firebase Firestore backend

Welcome to another practical course from DevTechie!

What you’ll learn

  • SwiftUI.
  • MVVM.
  • Repository Pattern.
  • Firebase Firestore.

Course Content

  • Introduction –> 1 lecture • 12min.
  • Goals App –> 19 lectures • 2hr 38min.

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  • Knowledge of SwiftUI.
  • Knowledge of iOS.
  • Knowledge of Swift.

Welcome to another practical course from DevTechie!


In this video course we will build goals app in SwiftUI 3 and iOS 15. We will build this app from start to finish and while building out this app you will learn about various design techniques and design patterns. You will learn to structure your code for enterprise level applications. You will also learn to build repository by following repository design pattern. We will follow protocol oriented programming to create repository protocol and pass generic protocol around so we can dependency inject strong repository at the time of app launch or while testing the app. This will make our app more flexible and will make unit test app much easier as mock repository will server the same purpose for unit tests as firebase repository will. This pattern will also allow you to build new repository(maybe for core data) at any time and swap it with firebase or mock repository.


You will also learn to build app by applying MVVM design pattern. We will build Model, View and ViewModels for the app so we can keep separation of concern at the front and center of our app development.

In this course you will learn following:




Firebase Firestore


Swift Package manager for dependency integration


MVVM design pattern


Modular code


Repository pattern


Protocol oriented programming


Dependency injection


Emoji TextField


Navigation Styling


iOS Home Screen wiggle animation


SwiftUI Grid


Mocking data repository