Computer Basics With MS Office

A guide for new computer users or those who want to know more to get started with the basics!

**This course includes practice exercises and LIFETIME access**

What you’ll learn

  • Computer Basics and Fundamentals.
  • Internet and Mailings.
  • MS Office 365.
  • and more.

Course Content

  • Microsoft Word – Full Course –> 39 lectures • 3hr 29min.
  • MS Excel – Beginner to Advanced (Full Course) –> 83 lectures • 8hr 39min.
  • Microsoft PowerPoint – Full Course –> 13 lectures • 26min.

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  • ba able to listen.
  • be able to watch.
  • Curiocity to learn new skills.

**This course includes practice exercises and LIFETIME access**

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Do you or someone you know understand little to nothing about how to use a computer? Ever wonder what computer terms like virus, mouse, keyboard and antivirus mean? What about all of this downloading and the internet? If you are not sure about those terms or think you may want to know more, this is for you!

You hear people talking about all of these weird terms like the Windows Desktop, the start menu and the dreaded virus! You will learn what all of that means in simple, easy to understand terms and actual demonstrations.

We will learn the basics of using a computer bit by bit. Each section will be a different computer topic and there will be several lessons in each section. We will learn about using your computer, computer parts such as the mouse, monitor, keyboard, USB and Ethernet as well as topics such as computer security, the internet, problems and troubleshooting as well as a few more advanced topics


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