Build Profitable Online Business (It’s Like an ATM Machine)

For Anyone Looking To Start, Scale & Grow A Digital Business (Without Creating Products Running Ads or Customer Support)

Opportunities are All around You

What you’ll learn

  • Students Will Learn How to Start An Easy and Ethical Email Marketing Business.
  • “Built an Email List (smart way)”.
  • Send Ethical Promotions to Your List.
  • Make Money Rinse & Repeat.
  • It Doesn’t Require Any Special Skill & it Doesn’t Involve Running any Paid Ads.
  • The Old Way (You Work Hard).
  • The New Way (You Work Smart).
  • The Old Way “Create a Product” (do it yourself or outsource it).
  • The New Way “You Work Smart And Intelligent Manner” to Reap The Reward.
  • The Old Way “Create a Landing Page” (Page builders are expensive).
  • The New Way “Product Creations?” (You don’t have to).
  • The Old Way “Create a Sales Page (Need expertise).
  • The New Way “Free & Smart way” (to Create professional pages).
  • The Old Way “Create an Upsell Page” (Too Much Manual Labour).
  • The New Way “Product Vendor will Create a Sales Page &” (Upsell Page for you).
  • The Old Way “Creating & designing ad’s” (ouch painful journey).
  • The New Way “We Simply Mail Our List” (Already proven Product).
  • The Old Way “Sell Your Products” ( it is not easier as you think ).
  • The New Way “We Order Pizza Online” & (Chill the rest of the Day).
  • The Old Way “Manage Support” ( you won’t be able to sleep) :(.
  • The New Way “Next day We” (Rinse & Repeat and Make Money) :).

Course Content

  • Introduction –> 14 lectures • 2hr 4min.
  • Advance Learning –> 5 lectures • 28min.

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  • Opportunities are All around You
  • Send & Profit Simple Email Business Model
  • ​Perfect For Beginners
  • ​Works For ANY Type Of Business
  • ​Step By Step Video Instructions
  • ​Set & Forget Business Model
  • ​Million Dollar Support

This is the Business Model

I Follow every day

The Old Way

(You Work Hard)

  • Create a Product (do it yourself or outsource it)
  • Create a Landing Page (Page builders are expensive)
  • Create a Sales Page (Need expertise)
  • ​Create an Upsell Page (Too Much Manual Labour)
  • ​Creating & designing ads (ouch painful journey)
  • ​Sell Your Products ( it is not easier as you think 🙁
  • Manage Support ( you won’t be able to sleep 🙁


The New Way

(You Work Smart)

  • You Hardly Work
  • Product Creations? You don’t have to
  • Free & Smart way to Create professional landing pages
  • ​The product Vendor will Create a Sales Page & Upsell Page for you
  • ​We Simply Mail Our List Already proven Product
  • We Order Pizza Online, & Chill the rest of the Day
  • The next day we Rinse & Repeat and Make Money 🙂

Re: Send & Profit Discovery

Hello Aspiring Entrepreneurs

My Name is ShanHonestly I stumbled upon this method accidentally…

I used to waste so much time on the internet, trying to figure out the best possible method to
make money online..

The Problem was I always picked a difficult and expensive business model, since the method was difficult and expensive I never made a dime, making things worse I even lost money
Once I figured this simple & easiest business model out, the rest is history…
I Call it Send & Profit

I Will Show How anyone can start this simple & powerful business model absolutely “Free” and start selling other people’s products without any product creation & support headache


I Created Send & Profit so anyone can start
an Online business effortlessly


Turn simple emails into A
Lead Generating Power House

And NO…

It Doesn’t Require Any Special Skill & it Doesn’t
Involve Running any Paid Ads

The Profitable Send & Profit System
can be run from the comfort of your Home

How Cool is That…


3 Simple Steps

To Turn Your Profit & Send Machine
Into A Powerful Sales Magnet

Let This Underground “Machine” Work
For You On Auto-Pilot

Step # 1
Build a List The Smart Way

Use Simple Methods to Build Your Hyper-Active List


Step # 2
Become AN Auto-Responder Champion

Watch My Over The Shoulder
Videos to automate your Emails

Step # 3
Rinse & Repeat For
Automated Commissions & Sales

Simply follow the first 2 Steps and let it
Run while you sleep

P.S. In Case You are one of those people (like me) who just
skip to the end of the page, here’s the deal:

I Will Show You the Step By Step System
to Write Simple Emails for Automated Big Ticket Commission

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Right Now You Can Pick

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You can continue to try difficult and expensive business models and wonder why things
are not working…
Trust me expensive business models will keep you broke until you realize the reality … and when you do..
it will be too late..
Are You Sure You would like to continue down that path?



You can take this exclusive offer …and start building your “Profitable Email Empire ” from scratch…

No more expensive or confusing stuff to drain your energy and motivation

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Here’s A Recap Of EverythingYou’s Getting Today…

Complete Send & Profit System

  • Video Modules On Setting Up The Entire System
  • (VIP) Training to Add New Features on Demand
  • Product Will be Updated Every Month (New Features)
  • Highest Quality 24/7 Support For Any Questions
  • 100% Proven System That Works Over & Over Again
  • I am not going to sleep without answering your Questions 🙂


Do I Need the Experience To Make This Work?

A. Absolutely not, this is a completely newbie-friendly System and has fully
comprehensive training, nothing is left out!

Will I be Overwhelmed with All the Information?

Absolutely not I am giving you step-by-step training and bite sizes.. so you won’t be overwhelmed and we will even show you how to rinse & repeat the whole process.

Do I Need any AnySoftware To Make Money?

A. The answer is No. We are showing you inside how you Can become a champion running email system Leveraging the Power of List building using our methods only. There is no paid software involved in this.


Who Should Try Send & Profit System?

A. This system is for everyone who wants to start an inexpensive and proven business model I have uncovered the gold mine..

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