DC Circuits Laboratory (practical course)

Labs hard? Set your own home laboratory and discover the practicum of DC Circuits Theory, complete DC Circuit Analysis.


What you’ll learn

  • This course is well designed for those who want to find out more about the applications of DC Analysis..
  • You will be able to complete a laboratory, with knowing how laboratory works..
  • You will learn what “preliminary work” and “lab report” are, you will be able to make the documentation properly..
  • You will get to know circuit elements including resistors, capacitors, inductors and op amps..
  • You will learn how to transfer a diagram on a paper to reality on breadboard..
  • You will be taking your first steps into the electrical-electronics engineering..

Course Content

  • Introduction to Lab –> 2 lectures • 25min.
  • Week – 1 – Ohm’s Law –> 1 lecture • 29min.
  • Week – 2 – Series Connected Circuits –> 2 lectures • 34min.

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This course covers the practical of DC Circuits which are involving alternating sources.


You will have the opportunity to PROVE everything in you have learnt in theory with PRACTICAL ASSIGNMENTS.


Who tells you “it is impossible to make experiments in your home AT PEACE” ?


THEY ARE WRONG!!! Those times have passed.


Now, you can easily, set up your own lab, in your room.


It only requires a desk and a couple of alternations to lab equipment.


We have also designed another course to show you how to build your own lab.


Why to build a home lab?


Having on your own lab will allow you to explore electronics much more faster. Whatever you need to try, you can simply do it without hesitating, needing a permission or booking from school.


This course will set you FREE on trying anything you have in your mind regarding electronic circuits.


Basically, we will start off by exploring the theory in practicum in DC Circuits.


You can check out the syllabus we have on the curriculum part of the course.


You can always ask any question you have in your mind by checking out our mail address which you can find on the instructor profile.


We are always here to support you.


Hope you enjoy your time with us.




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